Latest On A.J. Burnett

11:06pm: Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi says he’s yet to discuss dollars with Burnett’s agent.

10:38am: Yesterday, MLBTR reported the Blue Jays are preparing a two year, $30MM contract extension which would have A.J. Burnett making $54MM over the next 4 years. Here’s some of the latest:

Mike Rutsey of the Sun Media reports Burnett has also mentioned to Baltimore players that he’d like to play for the Orioles, but that his decision on whether to opt out or not is contingent on the Blue Jays offer.  Says Burnett,

"The bottom line is when I sit down at the end of the season and [my agent is] with me and tells me what I’m worth and then we will look at Toronto’s offer and hopefully it’s close."

Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star says Burnett was pleasantly surprised by the number being floated by the Jays.

"Nice," he said, nodding his head approvingly. "That’s more than I thought they would come up with."

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