Mariners Rumors: Ibanez, Beltre, Ichiro

More fine work from Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times as he takes a look at the future of the Mariners.  A few notes:

  • Raul Ibanez names winning as his top priority, like most players.  He’ll still entertain a possible return to Seattle, but it seems likely a more competitive team will make a solid offer.
  • Adrian Beltre doesn’t like the idea of playing for a rebuilding club in ’09, but he’s under contract with the Ms at a reasonable $12MM.  Does it make sense to trade him and let Ibanez walk, opting for a full-out rebuild?  Or do the Mariners need to keep Beltre around to avoid further embarrassment?
  • Ichiro Suzuki is not well-liked in the clubhouse.  Is he a selfish player, or is he being treated unfairly because of the language barrier?
  • The Mariners have questions about their middle-infield tandem of Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt.  Lopez has defensive issues; Betancourt isn’t much with the bat.  Actually Betancourt may have defensive problems as well, in particular going to his left.

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