Odds and Ends: Hawkins, Pettitte, Strasburg

Rounding up the day’s links…

  • Jack Etkin of the Rocky Mountain News talks about the future of Garrett Atkins.  We discussed the possibility of an Atkins trade in this post.
  • MLB.com’s Jim Molony says the Astros would like to re-sign reliever LaTroy Hawkins.  Amazingly, Hawkins has thrown 17 scoreless innings as an Astro.
  • This is a popular link lately…Vegas Watch examines April predictions from various analysts.  Meanwhile, Scott Long digs in deeper on PECOTA’s American League predictions.  Personally I am more interested in the logic behind projections.  Did anyone predict Rays starters to post a 3.88 ERA?  Did anyone peg Dioner Navarro and Carl Crawford‘s seasons?
  • Viva El Birdos hopes the Cardinals do not sign Jon Garland this winter.
  • Sam Mellinger wonders how the Royals would replace David DeJesus if they traded him.
  • Andy Pettitte remains undecided on 2009.  He’s hinted a desire to come back, but it’s unknown whether the Yankees want him.  Houston could make sense.
  • The Mariners are currently in line to have first crack at drafting Stephen Strasburg.  They could even use Erik Bedard‘s money to sign him.
  • Javier Valentin hasn’t heard from the Reds regarding 2009.

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