Red Sox Suspend Colon Indefinitely

When the Red Sox picked up Bartolo Colon in February it was considered a pretty savvy move–low-risk (minor league deal), potentially high-reward (2005 Cy Young winner). But apparently, the hefty hurler didn’t like Boston’s recent decision to have him pitch out of the bullpen. After requesting some time off to return to the Dominican Republic to attend to "personal matters," Colon seems to have decided not to come back. The club is keeping him on the 40-man, but has suspended him indefinitely without pay.

Boston’s television announcers, Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, doubted last night that Colon would’ve been of much use coming out of the bullpen (it would take him a long time to get warm; he’d probably have to come in at the start of the inning) and didn’t see him fitting on the playoff roster. So in that sense, Colon’s decision is unsurprising. But having done a decent amount to re-establish at least minimal value this season—a 3.92 ERA in 39 innings while displaying a genial, just-trying-to-help-the-ballclub attitude—it seems strange that he’d bolt now if he was planning on pitching next year.

Boston has no plans to replace Colon, and currently have no one else who needs the roster spot.

Sarah Green writes for the Boston Metro and UmpBump.

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