Tigers Could Deal Ordonez?

Last week, John Paul Morosi of the Detroit Free Press contemplated the Tigers’ offseason plans. Their payroll projects at $130MM assuming no free agent signings or extensions; however, according to Morosi the Tigers’ revenue can only sustain $110MM. Owner Mike Ilitch wants a World Series but spending more doesn’t seem likely without shaking things up.

Morosi thinks the Tigers might have to trade Magglio Ordonez:

"They need a shortstop who covers more ground than Edgar Renteria. They need a closer, unless they are comfortable with Fernando Rodney (36 innings, 25 walks) protecting leads in the ninth inning. They need one more setup man, because of the uncertainty surrounding Joel Zumaya’s health. They also need to improve their rotation."

Have fun with that one. Magglio is set to make $18MM in ’09, followed by team options of $18MM and $15MM in ’10 and ’11, so any realistic trades need to be with teams that can shoulder that contract.

Despite a disappointing campaign, offense is still the one area of depth for the Tigers so this move would make sense.

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