Mets Closer Situation

It’s well-known the Mets plan to add a closer this winter.  Joel Sherman notes that Omar Minaya does not necessarily have to sign Francisco Rodriguez or Brian Fuentes – there are many ways to handle the ninth inning beyond signing one of the two proven closers on the market.

Signing K-Rod or Fuentes is the easy route.  Overpay for an established closer who is likely to have a solid 2009, helping fans and media members forget the bullpen woes of 2008.

It’d be bolder to add Kevin Gregg or Huston Street via trade.  Both have had ninth-inning success in the past, but were dethroned this year.  Street is preferable, as he allows fewer walks.  Hopefully Minaya will bring in several arms beyond the veteran closer, and find the next Grant Balfour, Brad Ziegler or Joakim Soria.  Easier said than done, I know.  But how many times have we seen GMs throw money away assembling free agent bullpens?   

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