Padres Exercise Brian Giles’ Option

As expected, the Padres chose Brian Giles‘ $9MM option over the $3MM buyout today.  Giles, 38 in January, hit .306/.398/.456 in 653 plate appearances this year.  Defensively, he saved 20 bases compared to the average right fielder.  Padres exec Paul DePodesta notes that Giles probably would’ve accepted an offer of arbitration.

Giles would be a great addition for teams like the Cubs, Phillies, Braves, and Rays, but he has full no-trade power.  Before he was granted full rights, Giles could be traded only to the Braves, Giants, Dodgers, D’Backs, and Rockies without his permission.  So maybe the Padres can work something out with Atlanta if the Braves if both parties have interest.

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