Reds In Trade Talks For Dye?

SUNDAY: A small update from Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune – any deal involving the Reds and Dye is "complicated by financial matters."  Not sure why; Dye is only on the hook for $11.5MM next year.

SATURDAY: John Fay got Walt Jocketty to admit he’s talked to the White Sox (nothing is close).  Jocketty’s non-denial about the Dye rumor seems to indicate it’s accurate.

TUESDAY, 5:42pm:’s Scott Merkin notes that the Mets and Phillies are two of the six teams on Dye’s no-trade list.  Dye’s agent, Bob Bry, has not been contacted by Ken Williams in regard to a possible trade to either club.  The Reds don’t appear to be on the list, though, so Williams would not need clearance to make a deal with them.

12:13pm: Lance McAlister of 1530 WCKY in Cincinnati has a rumor up regarding trade talks between the White Sox and Reds.

McAlister’s source says the White Sox initiated talks to send Jermaine Dye to the Reds for Homer Bailey and another player.  Ken Rosenthal says Dye’s no-trade clause mostly covers teams in the northeast.  Perhaps the Sox can trade him to the Reds without his consent.  Ken Williams and Walt Jocketty matched up in July on the Ken Griffey Jr. trade.  It’s known that Jocketty prefers trades to free agency.

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