Yankees Backup Plans

Ken Davidoff of Newsday lays out the backup plans for the Yankees.

Mark Teixeira would come into play for Brian Cashman if C.C. Sabathia turns down the Yankees’ offer.  Davidoff adds that Sabathia would likely turn down the Yankees if Tex turns down the Angels first.  So we could have a scenario where Teixeira signs with the Yankees and Sabathia with the Angels, and neither team addresses its biggest need.  The Yankees could also get in on Manny Ramirez if they fail to sign Sabathia.

There’s some hand-wringing coming out of New York as Sabathia continues to sit on the Yankees’ huge offer.  I don’t think Sabathia’s silence sends a message, nor am I convinced he can’t get a larger contract.  It’s sensible for Sabathia to hear the Angels out, especially with the rumor that they are considering a Johan Santana-like offer.  If the Halos make that offer, the Yankees may have to come back with a seven-year contract worth more than $160MM.

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