A Look At The 2010 Free Agent Class

Since it’s more of a reference, I didn’t allow comments on our 2010 MLB Free Agents post.  This post will be the place for readers to comment on these players, who we’ll be talking about constantly a year from now (although some will sign extensions).  Random thoughts:

  • Scott Boras’ top guys for the 2009-10 offseason: Adrian Beltre, Johnny Damon, Matt Holliday, Rick Ankiel, and Ryan Madson.  He’s weak in the starting pitching category with Jarrod Washburn and Kevin Millwood.
  • The group feels older than this year’s.  Players who will be under 30 in 2010: Omar Infante, Hank Blalock, Wily Mo Pena, Rich Harden, Brett Myers, and Madson.
  • John Lackey heads the starting pitchers, though he may sign an extension.  After him it’s Myers, unless Erik Bedard or Harden have huge, healthy years.  Of course, there’s always guys you don’t see coming, like Ryan Dempster this year.
  • If you want a big bat, you’re looking at whoever’s left of Carlos Delgado, Troy Glaus, Chipper Jones, Jason Bay, Holliday, Ankiel, Jermaine Dye, Vladimir Guerrero, Aubrey Huff, and Jim Thome.
  • Forget about these guys, whose options will likely be exercised: Victor Martinez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Cliff Lee, and Brandon Webb.

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