DeRosa Traded To Indians

12:44pm: Levine says the three minor league pitchers coming to Chicago for DeRosa are Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer, and John Gaub.  The move feels like a salary dump – of a player whose production was worth $19.4MM this year.

A note from Bruce Miles: the Cubs’ ownership situation will have to be settled before the Cubs are able to complete a Peavy trade.  Levine says the same in his post.

12:25pm: Levine and Buster Olney are saying it’s a done deal – DeRosa to the Tribe for three minor league pitchers.  The Cubs have trimmed roughly $9MM from the 2009 payroll with their recent moves.  Coming in: $3.5MM for Luis Vizcaino (plus another million sent in salary relief) and $2.2MM for Aaron Miles.  Going out: $5.5MM for DeRosa and $9.875MM for Jason Marquis.

11:27am: According to Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio, the Indians are getting close to a deal for Mark DeRosa that would send two or three young pitchers to the Cubs.  At least, that statement was attributed to him in the station’s recent SportsCenter update.  Levine recently scooped the Cubs’ signing of Aaron Miles.

In his blog, Levine suggests a DeRosa match with Cleveland but does not say a deal is close.  Levine considers the Cubs’ Milton Bradley signing "a done deal" and says they’ve back in the mix for Jake PeavyJon Heyman says Bradley seeks a three-year deal.

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