Odds and Ends: Shelton, Laird, Baldelli

Links for Monday – Winter Meetings, Day 1.

  • Check out the minor league signings for the week at Baseball America.  Hey, Jerome Williams to the A’s!  Also, Chris Shelton signed with the Mariners.
  • Funny quote from Scott Boras: "There can be a lot of late-night meetings where you’re in a room and people are falling asleep.  And you’ll have some late-night GMs who want you to drink. I’ll allow them to do it, but I won’t do it. I do have some interesting things written on napkins over the years."
  • Dave Cameron likes the Tigers’ acquisition of Gerald Laird.
  • Buster Olney talked to some agents who believe "the stated concern about the economy is providing a nice cover for Major League Baseball to roll back salaries."  Another note from Olney, he’d be "shocked" if Rocco Baldelli doesn’t sign with Boston.
  • Tony Massarotti makes five recommendations for the Red Sox.
  • David Murphy asks ten questions about the Phillies.

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