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MLB Trade Rumors has always been free; the price you pay is enduring the ads we put on the site.  Sometimes, unfortunately, the ads shown are not entirely relevant to you.

That’s not the case with MLB Front Office Manager, the new game from 2K Sports. We’re working with 2K directly to advertise this game.  I can’t think of a better possible match for our readers – most of you play video games, and all of you love the hot stove side of baseball.

The game allows you to sign or trade for your favorite players in crafting a roster.  The detail is incredible – you also set scouting budgets, sign international free agents, make bids for posted Japanese players, and participate in the Rule 5 draft.  Choose the background of your GM too – is he a lawyer or an ex-player? 

MLB Front Office Manager is available now on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows for the PC.  I’d greatly appreciate it if you click this link and consider purchasing this intriguing game.

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