Derek Lowe Rumors: Monday

10:20pm: Newsday’s Ken Davidoff learned tonight that the Mets "do not intend to raise their three-year, $36MM offer to [Lowe] at this time."  The Mets don’t feel that they have serious competition for Lowe, for some reason.  Oliver Perez and Randy Wolf remain the alternatives.

8:28am: According to Kat O’Brien of Newsday, "negotiations are expected to heat up for righthander Derek Lowe" this week for the Mets, who reportedly offered three years and $36MM (though Scott Boras indicated yesterday the proposal was never made).  Jon Heyman said recently that Lowe didn’t take this offer seriously; he’s aiming for a $16MM salary.  Heyman named the Phillies, Braves, Red Sox, Brewers, and Angels as possible suitors, with the last three more on the speculative side. 

Mark Bowman doesn’t believe the Braves are willing to top the Mets’ reported offer, though.  In another article, Bowman suggested Jon Garland and Andy Pettitte are more likely options.

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