Olney on Moorad, Peavy, Hoffman

Buster Olney looks at the fallout for the Padres now that former D’Backs CEO Jeff Moorad has agreed in principle to buy the club with the help of some investors.

  • Will the new ownership retain Kevin Towers? Moorad once interviewed the Padres GM for a job with the D’Backs and, as Olney points out, Towers has an "excellent reputation within the industry" so his chances of keeping his job seem good.
  • The sale could give the Padres the financial stability to take Jake Peavy off the market. Peter Gammons wrote today that Cubs GM Jim Hendry "hasn’t given up" on Peavy.
  • Olney suggests it’s possible this change could spark a reconciliation with Trevor Hoffman.
  • Padres CEO Sandy Alderson’s future isn’t certain anymore and neither is Paul DePodesta’s.

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