Rosenthal On Fielder, Buchholz, Edmonds

The latest from Ken Rosenthal

  • Rosenthal suggests the Brewers trade Prince Fielder for "premium pitching" and then sign Adam Dunn to replace him.  Which begs the question, why wouldn’t the team giving up this premium pitching just sign Dunn instead?
  • Despite signing John Smoltz, the Red Sox still are not willing to trade Clay Buchholz for Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  The Sox may be willing to move Michael Bowden or especially Daniel Bard for Salty.
  • The Yankees’ interest in Mike Cameron "seems to be waning."
  • Despite Jon Heyman’s report, the Phillies, Angels, and Brewers deny interest in Derek Lowe.  Rosenthal says the market for Oliver Perez is even worse.
  • Rosenthal suggests veterans such as Nomar Garciaparra, Frank Thomas, and Jim Edmonds could go the Kenny Lofton route.  Lofton, a capable player, sat out the 2008 season when his salary demands weren’t met.  As I mentioned yesterday, we’ll soon see which former stars are willing to play for a pittance (if you consider more than $500K a pittance).
  • The Orioles have Edmonds on the radar as a first base candidate.
  • Suitors for lefty reliever Dennys Reyes: the A’s, Mets, and Dodgers.  The Tigers and Rangers are also known to be on the lookout for a southpaw in the pen.

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