Rosenthal On Roberts, Hudson, Counsell

Let’s take a look at the latest from Ken Rosenthal.

  • The Orioles have their ears open Brian Roberts, whose trade value has diminished as he nears free agency.  The White Sox can’t afford him, the Braves are reluctant to give up talent, and the Cubs didn’t discuss him in the Felix Pie talks.  The Roberts market may improve once Orlando Hudson signs.
  • Rosenthal’s source says the Michael YoungJermaine Dye discussions did take place.  If you read Dave van Dyck’s article, Ken Williams never specifically denied talks with the Rangers.
  • Rosenthal believes that if the Cubs make another big move, it’ll be a Jake Peavy trade.  They’re not in on Hudson.
  • The Dodgers have roughly $50MM in payroll flexibility right now.
  • The Giants may be looking at Manny Ramirez, but they’ve also looked in trades for hitters – "presumably" Prince Fielder or Corey Hart included.  Those talks with the Brewers didn’t go far.  The Giants may be willing to move Jonathan Sanchez, but the Jorge Cantu talks have stalled.
  • So far the Dodgers and Russell Martin have only talked about a one-year deal.
  • The Mariners are Brewers are eyeing Craig Counsell.
  • The Ms "likely are willing" to trade Aaron Heilman.

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