Varitek Met With Henry, Hopes To Return

11:37pm: More on Varitek from NESN’s Heidi Watney.  She says Varitek’s meeting with Henry was to "clear the air" rather than negotiate.  The Red Sox had not been returning Scott Boras’ phone calls, but now they’ll reopen negotiations.  Watney notes that Varitek was not aware when he turned down arbitration that any signing team would have to give up a draft pick.  Tek does not blame Boras for this.

9:07am: Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe reports that Jason Varitek thought last night’s meeting with Red Sox owner John Henry  "went OK." Varitek confirmed he wants to play for the Red Sox this year in a text message.

Varitek, who requested the meeting, did not comment when asked if the Red Sox were interested in bringing him back.

Buster Olney asked multiple executives whether they’d sign Varitek at any price given that they’d have to give up an early draft pick for doing so. Everyone asked said no, they’d rather have the pick. Olney reminds us that some executives could think differently, but his informal poll shows that Varitek doesn’t have much leverage with the Red Sox.

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