Manny Ramirez Rumors: Monday

8:03pm: As reported by Ken Gurnick of, Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp did a bit of campaigning today for Manny:

"I compare him to Kobe Bryant," said Kemp. "He makes everybody around him better. Manny’s the Kobe Bryant of baseball. Of course we want him back and of course we need him. He’s a freak."

2:08pm: Everyone’s getting a bit tired of the Manny Ramirez stuff these days, but we do have an amusing link from yesterday courtesy of’s Chris Haft.  Haft spoke to Giants reliever Billy Sadler, who spent the offseason working out with Manny.  Ramirez apparently picked up Sadler’s tab at Athlete’s Performance in Florida.  Sadler had this to say about Manny’s future:

"It was funny.  He came in a couple of times and said, ‘Billy, I’m going to be a Giant!’"

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