Odalis Perez Holdout

THURSDAY, 10:01am: Harlan has quotes from Stan Kasten on the Perez holdout:

"Our understanding is that he has an agreement which both MLB and the union considering binding, and we think the best course would be for [Perez] to come in and honor the agreement. I’ve known Odie a long time, he came up with me in Atlanta and he’s had a nice career for himself. I think this would be a very ill-advised and foolish way for him to conduct the next part of his career."

TUESDAY, 9:16am: Harlan says the mandatory reporting date for those participating in the WBC is today, and Perez intends to pitch in the tournament.  The Nationals have not been in able to get in touch with Perez, says Pete McElroy of MASN.

MONDAY, 6:23pm: Chico Harlan of the Washington Post talked to Nationals GM Jim Bowden, who says he has a "signed term sheet that has been confirmed by the players’ association" for Perez.  However, a source of Harlan’s says the MLBPA’s database of approved contracts does not show this deal.

3:47pm: Odalis Perez‘s $850K minor league contract did seem light at the time.  Now word comes from ESPN’s Enrique Rojas that Perez has asked his agent to renegotiate the contract.  He regrets giving his verbal approval and will not supply his signature to the current deal.  Perez has yet to show up for Spring Training, saying:

"I thought it best and I prefer to sit in my house if the Nationals do not show more appreciation for my work.  Appreciate my work means to increase the value of the contract and guarantee it. I will not accept any minor league contracts with no safeguards. I instructed my agent to report my position to the Nationals."

While Perez says he’s not negotiating with other clubs, he added:

"I will play in the World Classic for the Dominican Republic and show everybody that I’m in great shape.  I hope to find a team that values me, otherwise I’ll go home."

This isn’t the first time Perez reacted childishly when he felt he wasn’t getting proper recognition.

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