Blue Jays Make Offer To Kevin Millar

MONDAY: Schmuck mentioned this on Thursday; J.P. Ricciardi confirmed it today: the Blue Jays have a minor league offer out to Millar currently.

THURSDAY: Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun talked to free agent first baseman Kevin Millar, who will not be offered a contract from the Orioles for ’09.  Millar is surprised and frustrated by their lack of interest, saying:

"Yeah, the bottom line is, obviously, they want to go in a different direction.  Now, what that means, I don’t know. Are they going to win games this year? No. Obviously we know that going in. You’ve got to be realistic."

True, the team isn’t quite ready to contend, but it’s rare to hear a player say it so bluntly.  Millar has drawn interest from the Blue Jays and Giants so far this winter.  He hit .234/.323/.394 in 610 plate appearances in ’08.

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