Giants Shopping Taschner?

Chris Haft of reports that Jack Taschner believes he is being actively shopped by the Giants front office. Taschner faced similar rumors last July as the trade deadline neared, but didn't buy into them. Now, it's a different story.

Taschner's velocity is intact, but he admits that his command of his two-seam fastball has been off this Spring, leading to his 6.23 ERA and 12 walks through 8.2 IP so far. Taschner stresses that he's fine physically.

Taschner, 31 in April, posted a 4.88 ERA last year to go along with a 1.69 WHIP and .292 opponent batting average. His numbers improve only slightly against lefties, who hit .279 against the southpaw last season. He's set to make $835K this season, which is a financial break compared to signing Will Ohman. It's hard, however, to buy Taschner as a lefty specialist when opposing lefties have hit .288 off of him for his career.

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