Schilling Would Pitch For Cubs, Rays

SUNDAY, 2:05pm: Schilling clarifies his thoughts about the Cubs on his blog. He reminds us that he hasn’t decided whether to return, but if he does he says he’d consider pitching for the Cubs. Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune heard from a Cubs official who wasn’t surprised to hear Schilling’s interested. Sullivan thinks the Cubs would take a flier on Schilling at the right price.

8:25pm: The St. Petersburg Times’ Joe Smith recalls Schilling’s comments about the Rays from 2007:

"It’s one of those situations you’d certainly have to look at," said the 42-year-old right-hander.  "Knowing that I’m probably going to spend one more year playing, if circumstances happen and things happen and they made some moves that were positive, I’d love nothing more than to finish my career working on a pitching staff where I know that there are young guys that are going to be positively impacted by me being around (after) I was gone. I enjoy that. I love working and talking and being around young pitchers."

SATURDAY, 1:34pm: David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel reports that Curt Schilling would be interested in coming back to baseball to pitch for either the Chicago Cubs or the Tampa Bay Rays. Writes Whitley:

Schilling, who has a career mark of 216-146, said money would not be a major issue. He’s looking for a team that has championship potential and has never won a title. "The challenge would be in a place like Tampa Bay or Chicago," he said.

Schilling is not aiming to be on an Opening Day roster, and furthermore has yet to decide whether to come back next season at all. "I’m hemming and hawing right now," Schilling said; "I’ll make a decision in the next couple of weeks."

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