Will Randy Johnson Pitch To Age 50?

Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times talked to Giants starter Randy Johnson, who is 45 years old.  The Big Unit doesn’t seem ready to hang up his spikes after reaching 300 wins:

"Who’s to say that I can’t pitch just because I’m 50 years old?  If I’m 48 years old and I’m still throwing 93 [mph] and still winning 10 or 12 games and still having fun and still being competitive, why would age matter? I’ll retire when I feel like the fire had gone out of my belly. But I still have that fire and that will to compete. That’s why I went through those back surgeries."

If Johnson comes anywhere close to his stellar ’08 performance, he’ll continue to find work easily.  Jamie Moyer got a two-year deal at age 46.  Johnson does have a minor Spring Training injury, described by Bruce Bochy as "a tiny touch of biceps soreness."

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