Minor League Steals

A look at a few of the best minor league free agent deals signed during the offseason, despite the small samples:

  • Andruw Jones, Rangers.  The Dodgers must love to see Jones hitting .297/.439/.594 for pennies for the Rangers.
  • Kiko Calero, Marlins.  He has a 2.84 ERA and huge 12.79 K/9 in 19 innings for the Fish.
  • Matt Palmer, Angels. The 30 year-old rookie stepped into the Angels' rotation and provided four starts with a 3.37 ERA.
  • Jamey Wright, Royals.  Wright has a 1.66 ERA in 21.6 innings, with a 60.7% groundball rate.
  • Laynce Nix, Reds.  An unexpected source of left field power, Nix is hitting .294/.338/.603 in 74 plate appearances.
  • Nick Green, Red Sox.  The Sox have weathered injuries at shortstop with Green, who's hitting .302/.368/.430 in 95 plate appearances.
  • Brandon Medders, Justin Miller, Giants.  Maybe they don't deserve their sub-4.00 ERAs, but both scrap heap pickups have helped the Giants' pen.
  • Omar Vizquel, Rangers.  He's hitting .378/.425/.541 in 42 PAs while logging 61 innings at shortstop and even chipping in at third base.
  • Jeff Weaver, Dodgers.  Weaver's posted a 3.38 ERA in 16 innings, including two acceptable starts.
  • Jason Jennings, Rangers.  Working out of the pen, Jennings has a 3.24 ERA in 16.6 innings.
  • Honorable mentions: Bobby Scales, Omir Santos, Craig Monroe.  Who are we missing?

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