Huntington On Draft

Pirates GM Neal Huntington answered fan questions about his draft procedure and approach on today. It's a decent read. Said Huntington in one response,

"We place an internal value on each player in the Draft, and when our internal value is within a realistic range of the player's legitimate signing-bonus expectations, we will be aggressive in our selection of that player… We believe that, when the signing deadline passes, we will have committed dollars to the Draft that will again rank among the top-10 of all Major League clubs and added a deep and talented class to our system."

Huntington added that this years draft class "is not nearly as strong" as last year, with less "premium talent", which Huntington explains are "present and future abilities to allow evaluators to project them to develop into All-Star caliber players."

Huntingon also added that what happened with Pedro Alvarez won't dissuade them from pursuing Scott Boras' clients.

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