Rosenthal On Strasburg, Arroyo, Zobrist

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says most believe the Nationals will sign Stephen Strasburg to a record deal of about $15-18MM this summer. Here are the details:  

  • Rosenthal describes doomsday scenarios for the Nationals and Strasburg to show that the two sides need to come to an agreement. 
  • The Reds can't even consider dealing Bronson Arroyo until Edinson Volquez returns. If Homer Bailey comes up and pitches well, it would be easier for the Reds to part with a starter.
  • If Akinori Iwamura can return this year, Ben Zobrist may become a super utilityman again. Rosenthal wonders if the AL OPS leader is more valuable when he plays multiple positions.
  • The Brewers, who would like to add pitching, could talk with the Braves, who have had interest in Corey Hart in the past.  
  • Nobody's interested in Jeff Francoeur, but the Braves have enviable pitching depth that would entice the Brewers.

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