Miguel Angel Sano Rumors: Thursday

5:16pm: According to La Velle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Twins have offered a deal around $3MM, contingent on verification of Sano's age and identification.  It seems most of these clubs are willing to hold off until both have been verified.

3:34pm: Arangure Jr. says he's been assured the Pirates haven't offered Sano a deal. As he says, the difference between an offer and the parameters of a deal may just be "semantics," especially since Sano's age is still under investigation.

2:55pm: Kovacevic hears from multiple sources that the Pirates offered Sano a deal yesterday morning. However, nothing will likely materialize before MLB completes the investigation into Sano's age.

2:27pm: Roch Kubatko of MASN.com reports that the Orioles won't be signing Sano in the immediate future.

1:25pm: Arangure Jr. hears that the MLB investigation into Sano's age won't be completed today. Safe to say he won't sign today then.

12:24pm: MLB.com's Jen Langosch reports that the Pirates have not yet made Sano an offer.

9:47am: ESPN.com's Jorge Arangure Jr. hears that the Pirates haven't made Sano an offer yet.

8:56am: Today marks the beginning of the international signing period, when teams can start signing the latest crop of young international stars and the Pirates are starting the day off aggressively. Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports they are believed to have offered Miguel Angel Sano a contract, the terms of which are still unknown. 

The Pirates will have to overcome a number of obstacles to sign Sano, however:
  • The Twins and Orioles are still in the mix and Baltimore could out-spend both teams.
  • The Pirates have a Latin American budget of $2MM, but Sano will likely command a bonus north of $3MM and could approach Michael Ynoa's record of $4.25MM. GM Neal Huntington says the Pirates could expand the budget under special circumstances, something they'd almost certainly have to do to sign Sano.  
  • There are lingering questions about the shortstop's age which must be resolved.  

In spite of this, Huntington says he expects to do "very well" internationally this year.

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