Rosenthal’s Latest: Atkins, Rolen, Rios, Davis's Ken Rosenthal has a fresh column up.  Let's dive in and explore some of the juicier details…

  • The Red Sox and Rockies have discussed a Garrett Atkins swap, but "both teams continue to explore other options."  It sounds like Boston may have sent the Rox a feeler, trying to gauge the third baseman's price tag.
  • Along with ace Roy Halladay, the Blue Jays are also taking offers for outfielder Alex Rios and third baseman Scott Rolen.  They both carry hefty contracts, however, so deals could be tricky.
  • The Diamondbacks are seeking first-to-second round talent for Doug Davis, "which is what they will receive if they offer him arbitration and he departs as a free agent," notes Rosenthal.  The Brewers have shown mild interest.
  • The Rockies currently consider Ryan Spilborghs, who's hitting .351 in the month of July, too valuable to trade.

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