Boras On The Strasburg Negotiations

Scott Boras told 619 Sports that he was never looking to sign Stephen Strasburg to a  $50MM deal, despite reports that he was using Daisuke Matsuzaka's contract as a reference point for the number one overall pick.

"I can assure you our first offer was well less than half of that," Boras said.

Here are some more points Boras makes over the course of the interview:

  • Boras says revenues around baseball have increased in the last decade, so he argues that money should trickle down to players and draft picks.
  • He also suggests that more teams are holding onto their players, which leads to smaller crops of free agents.
  • Boras says American players deserve as much as international ones.
  • Boras says J.D. Drew didn't sign with the Phillies because they told him they didn't believe him.
  • The agent praises Donavan Tate and Strasburg on their intelligence.
  • Boras says every organization makes mistakes with players, but suggests adding players with questionable character hurts teams most of all.
  • Check out the audio for Boras' description of deadline day. It's pretty interesting stuff.

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