Verducci On Halladay, Pirates, Extensions

Tom Verducci of says the media has unfairly called the Blue Jays losers in the aftermath of the trade deadline. Verducci says the Jays should not have been expected to lower their asking price for Roy Halladay. Here are a few other notes to take a look at:

  • Among all players 36 and older only Raul Ibanez, Chipper Jones, Mike Cameron and Craig Counsell play the field and have enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title.
  • Verducci says the Pirates chose "the proper philosophy" when they dealt so many players this summer. One executive says the Pirates obtained quantity, but not necessarily quality.
  • Clubs would rather rely on youngsters than guarantee lots of money to veteran players in multi-year deals.  
  • The lack of extensions this year could lead to a collusion charge from the players' union.

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