Heyman’s Free Agent Predictions

SI's Jon Heyman, an agent, and a GM predicted contracts of the top 24 free agents.

  • The agent's predictions seem to run high, except in the cases of Bobby Abreu and Billy Wagner.  I'm guessing the agent isn't Peter Greenberg or Bean Stringfellow.
  • On the flip side the GM seems light on several predictions – $80MM over five years for Matt Holliday, and $60MM over four years for John Lackey.  He found Rich Harden too unpredictable to even hazard a guess.
  • The agent predicted identical seven-year, $147MM contracts for Jason Bay and Holliday.  The agent thinks Bay will get $21MM a year, but the GM guesses $15MM. 
  • I have to disagree with Heyman's three-year, $36MM suggestion for Jarrod Washburn.  The other two suggest $18MM over two years for the Scott Boras client.
  • All three see Manny Ramirez picking up his $20MM player option.
  • The agent and the GM see one-year deals for Erik Bedard, Brett Myers, Adrian Beltre, and Rick Ankiel.  Could be some nice value there.

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