Probable Type A Free Agents

For those of you who don't feel like digging through Eddie's latest Elias ranking projections, here's a list of free agents projected to snag Type A status.  An asterisk means the player has a 2010 option.

Bobby Abreu
Jason Bay
Josh Beckett*
Rafael Betancourt
Orlando Cabrera
Johnny Damon
Jermaine Dye*
Scott Eyre
Chone Figgins
Troy Glaus
Mike Gonzalez
John Grabow
Kevin Gregg
Vladimir Guerrero
Rich Harden
LaTroy Hawkins
Trevor Hoffman
Matt Holliday
Orlando Hudson
John Lackey
Cliff Lee*
Felipe Lopez
Victor Martinez*
Bengie Molina
Darren Oliver
Magglio Ordonez*
Andy Pettitte
Manny Ramirez*
Marco Scutaro
Rafael Soriano
Billy Wagner*
Randy Wolf
Jose Valverde

You can forget about Beckett and Lee hitting the market, and Martinez is unlikely.  Cabrera cannot be offered arbitration if he's a Type A, per the terms of his contract.  That leaves us with 29 potential Type A free agents with the chance for draft pick compensation.  Of course, to have a shot at two draft picks the team needs to offer arbitration.  That's not happening for Glaus and several others.  Click here for a refresher on draft pick compensation.

The Angels lead the way with five potential Type As.  The Cubs, Dodgers, and Red Sox each have three (not counting Beckett).

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