Rangers Acquire Danny Gutierrez

The Rangers acquired pitching prospect Danny Gutierrez from the Royals for catcher Manuel Pina and outfielder Tim Smith, according to Greg Schaum of 610 Sports in Kansas City (via Twitter).

Gutierrez, a 22 year-old righty, has a 1.65 ERA in 27.3 High A ball innings this year.  Coming into the season he was ranked the Royals' #7 prospect by Baseball America and #6 by Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus.  Why has Gutierrez pitched so little this year?  In part due to a shoulder injury, and in part due to off-field issues and a disagreement with the Royals (Schaum tells me).

Pina is a Double A catcher with a .259/.313/.393 line, while Smith hit .309/.380/.439 at the same level.

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