Brian Giles Wants To Keep Playing

Chris Jenkins of the San Diego Union-Tribune points out that this could be the final weekend of Brian Giles' professional career. Giles says his body still feels good enough to play, but he realizes he'll have a limited role if he stays with the Padres, so he's open to other clubs.

"I still think I could be a good, productive major league player," Giles said. "If it's not in San Diego, then I have a feeling it's going to be somewhere else. I've got to believe there are teams willing to take a chance as long as you're healthy."

The 38-year-old raves about his time in San Diego, his hometown, but understands the Padres may move on. Giles posted a .191/.277/.271 line in 254 plate appearances this year and played suspect right field defense, posting a -14.5 UZR/150 in 500 innings. If Giles wants to play again he'll probably have to sign a minor league deal.

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