Mauer “Not Really” Interested In Being Best-Paid

Allegations of cheating and playoff-type intensity stole headlines throughout the Tigers-Twins series this week, so some telling comments got lost in the shuffle. Joe Mauer told Jack Curry of the New York Times that he's "not really" interested in becoming baseball's highest paid player when he hits free agency (likely after next season). After all, he'll be rich either way.

"I’ve put myself in a pretty good position that, wherever I end up, I think the pay’s going be pretty nice," Mauer said. "I’m more worried about trying to be on winning teams.”

Mauer says he'd probably want assurances from the Twins that the team is committed to building around him before signing a long-term deal with Minnesota. If Mauer does hit free agency after next season, he'll do so as a 27-year-old three-time batting titlist with an excellent defensive reputation and, possibly, an MVP award.

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