Discussion: Livan Hernandez

According to Alden Gonzalez of MLB.com's Twitter page, "Livan Hernandez's agent says his client 'would be interested in returning to the Nationals.'"

Hernandez's agent said the Nationals also like Hernandez.

It does raise the question: should they?

Hernandez got off to a strong start with the Mets in 2009, but was released after tossing 135 innings with a 5.47 ERA. Picked up by Washington, his ERA was only slightly better, at 5.36.

Over the past two seasons, Hernandez has thrown 363 2/3 innings- and has a 5.74 ERA to show for it.

On the plus side, he eats innings- hit-filled, run-scoring innings.

So would you bring him in? Is the ability to stay healthy valuable enough to make up for his performance?

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