Olney’s Latest: Bradley, Damon, Yankees, Harang

In today’s blog post at ESPN, Buster Olney writes that the presence of Ken Griffey Jr. should help Milton Bradley and the clubhouse culture in Seattle, however this might be the final straw for Bradley because he’s running out of second chances.

Let’s round up the rest of Olney’s rumors…

  • One GM said the Bradley deal “means that one more chair just got taken away,” referring to another corner outfielder being taken off the market.
  • Olney says that Johnny Damon might be a perfect fit for the Cardinals, who continue to talk with Matt Holliday
  • Meanwhile, there was some concern in the Yankees’ organization that if Damon took a paycut to return, he would have come into the season very unhappy.
  • The rumored Aaron Harang to the Dodgers deal was never a good match, because LA doesn’t have much to spend and the Reds are trying to shed payroll.

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