Astros Sign Kevin Cash To Minor League Deal

The Astros have signed catcher Kevin Cash to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training, according to's Brian McTaggart

The 32-year-old was once Tim Wakefield's personal catcher, though he spent last season with the Yankees. Cash is a career .186/.248/.287 hitter in close to 600 big league plate appearances, though his minor league numbers are much more respectable. With only two catchers on the 40-man roster (J.R. Towles and Humberto Quintero), all it takes is an injury for Cash to make the Opening Day roster.

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  1. danieljmeyer 6 years ago

    This appears to be more of a minor league depth signing than anything. The Astros would almost certainly call up Castro to fill in for injury unless he falls on his face in the spring.

  2. jcrabtree7 6 years ago

    Well, I don’t suppose he could do worse than the other two catchers on the roster. Don’t the Astros have a catcher in like Double A that’s supposed to be ready soon?

    • danieljmeyer 6 years ago

      Sorry if this ends up as a repost, but yes, there is no way this guy gets a call before Jason Castro, their #1 pick from 2008.

      • jcrabtree7 6 years ago

        Sorry, my computer didn’t even show your post. If I had seen it, I wouldn’t have said anything, haha

        • danieljmeyer 6 years ago

          no worries. just another thought on castro… i imagine the astros will not let him break camp with the team, but would consider him for a call up in late may or so, in order to turn him into a super 2 player, where you get 4 years of club arbitration control. if he performs in the minors, there’s no way they let him sit there past mid June.

  3. Haha. By the way bobcobb, didn’t you used to post on the MySpace Seinfeld group? I recognize that picture certainly

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