Blue Jays Talking Trades, Will Watch Sheets

Alex Anthopoulos is back from a productive honeymoon. The Blue Jays GM tells's Jordan Bastian that he worked on three trades and talked to six GMs while vactioning in Hawaii.

The Jays have at least some interest in a notable free agent, too. They will scout Ben Sheets when he throws next week, Anthopoulos confirmed. Toronto doesn't seem like the most logical destination for Sheets, who will see interest from contenders looking to deepen their rotations,but Anthopoulos says the Jays have to do their homework on all players.

"We're not doing our job if we don't at least take a look," he said.

The Jays are tracking players aggressively under Anthopoulos, who upgraded the scouting staff once he became GM.

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  1. Ohhhplease 5 years ago

    Just curious, but what is a “productive honeymoon”?

  2. OlyOle 5 years ago

    a “productive honeymoon” is a euphemism for “short marriage”

  3. Amazing. The guy is on his honeymoon & still can’t stop working.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Its the Middle of the offseason.. the guy would likely be replying to emails on his BB during a child birth.

  4. LOL. Not all of AA’s business was baseball business!

    I tend to disagree a little a with the Sheets makes no sense comment. If they like him and sign him, he becomes a great trading chip at the deadline to a contender if he is healthy (a big IF) and AA likes his deals. AA is too quiet. JP never shut up about what he was doing and AA never gives a hint. Would love to know what kinds of deals he was talking. I will assume it included a search for a SS and 3B that fits the mold of controllable with upside. And as always some young arms with upside. Can never have too many arms around!

    • RahZid 5 years ago

      They never said that Sheets doesn’t make any sense for the Jays, just that it isn’t a logical destination for him. While Sheets would be a great pickup by the Jays, it makes no sense for Sheets to sign there given the number of contenders looking to deepen their rotations. Playing for a contender would also increase Sheets’ visibility and help him with his next contract (assuming he signs a 1 year deal for this season).

  5. Pseudonymus Bosch 5 years ago

    I wonder if one of those GMs was Mike Rizzo. Allegedly the Nationals were going to trade a veteran (Willingham?) for an “MLB ready pitching prospect” but the other team backed out.

    • alxn 5 years ago

      Wouldn’t make too much sense for Toronto. They have enough lumbering corner outfield types.

  6. Still think Overbay and Tallet would be good pickups by the Mets.

  7. gs01 5 years ago

    The Jays will need an innings eater in the rotation or the bullpen will be suffering miserably with all of the unpredictable youngsters that you never know what you’ll get, they could be brilliant or they could stink.

    • grownice 5 years ago

      who cares about an innings eater, its a waste of money, we have over 10 pitchers that could all potentially see the bigs next year if there injuries or guys struggles, THEY can eat the innings.

      • $1545094 5 years ago

        an VETERAN innings eater at the top of the rotation who could pitch 200+ innings would be a big benefit for the Jays. Marcum is coming back of surgey and shouldnt pitch alot. Romero is not top of the rotation pitcher. a bunch of the younger pitchers should not only start the 2010 season in AAA but remain there for most(if not all) of the season. Brett Cecil for sure should be in AAA. he wasnt successful in either AAA or with the Jays.
        dont rush the young pitchers in 2010 when the Jays are going to suck no matter whos on the mound.

        • grownice 5 years ago

          its not rushing when theres nothing to lose and you can see what guys can do against major league hitters, theres more then enough young guys ready for a shot at the bigs, its not like theres any pressure on them.

          • $1545094 5 years ago

            it can hurt a young pitcher if hes not ready for the majors. Brett Cecil is an example. theres no way he should have been in Toronto last season.
            link to
            he wasnt successful at AAA in 2008 or again in 2009, so what idiot in charge made the decision to rush him to the Jays? he was a 1st round draft pick, top prospect with the Jays, someone who could have front of the rotation potential down the road.. but letting him continue right now to be in the Jays rotation and not continue to develop in the minors where he should be you could end up with him never reaching his potential. plus since the Jays are not contending anytime soon your just using up service time.
            i would be looking to sign a veteran pitcher who is almost a lock to pitch 200 innings. it would be great if it was someone with alot of experience who could be somewhat of a 2nd pitching coach with the younger pitchers that come up later in the season. one of the names that comes to mind is Doug Davis. hes 34 years old, allready spent part of a season in Toronto back in 2003. hes been with multiple teams. hes had 200+ IP in 4 of the last 6 seasons with the other seasons of 146 in 2008 and 192.2 IP in 2007. now hes certainly not going to be someone to come in and put up good numbers, but he can anchor a staff and like i said he has experience and maybe he could be good to have around the younger pitchers. i have no idea what type of money he would get but a 1 year deal with a club option could be good.

          • Andy Mc 5 years ago

            lol, doug davis. david purcey and scott richmond = innings eaters, both better than that scrub.

          • Andy Mc 5 years ago

            lol, doug davis. david purcey and scott richmond = innings eaters, both better than that scrub.

  8. Dev0 5 years ago

    Sheets makes great sense for the Jays, His cost shouldn’t be too great and if he returns to form the Jays can trade him at the deadline for more prospects. I will say I think the Jays should use a 6 man rotation this year, they have some many options and with the rotation going to be very young it’d be a good way to keep them all fresh.

    • grownice 5 years ago

      HORRIBLE idea to sign sheets, makes no sense at all, waste of money. trading him after what 4 months? you think sumone would really give up something of value just because sheets pitched healthy for 4 months , not so sure about that. 6 man rotation HORRIBLE idea , screws up everyones routine, and guys that struggle can just get sent down, and bring up another guy and see what hes got, simple.

  9. Bluejaysnation 5 years ago

    6 man rotation would be a good idea to keep innings down for the young pitchers instead of shutting their season down a month early like they did last year.
    Also, Sheets would be an excellent pickup for the Jays!! What contending team wouldnt drop a prospect on the Jays for a healthy Sheets thats having a stellar year?

  10. Wells is untradeable.

  11. grownice 5 years ago

    for now.

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