Five Teams Interested In Jerry Hairston Jr.

Five teams have expressed interest in free agent utility man Jerry Hairston Jr., according to Ken Rosenthal of (via Twitter). Among the interested teams are the Padres, A's (who employ his brother Scott), and the Yankees, with whom he won a World Series ring in 2009.

Rosenthal adds that Hairston would likely receive a $2-3MM salary on a one-year deal, however he's also received multi-year offers. The 34-year-old is a career .259/.328/.373 hitter, and is capable of playing pretty much anywhere on the field except pitcher and catcher. 

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  1. n0s 6 years ago

    hes can catch too

  2. MRB333 6 years ago

    Come back to NY please!!!

  3. mrmoss 6 years ago

    Id like to see Hairston back on the Yankees…Jamie Hoffman is a bum

  4. Eliot227 6 years ago

    Unless Cashman and company have a change of heart on the budget, I think that ship has sailed. Still betting on a Damon return to the Bronx when he realizes he can either play there for cheap or not play at all. Let’s all applaud Scott Boras.

  5. Guest 6 years ago

    With the Padres, he could play a lot! He could platoon in the outfield and be the back up middle infielder possibly eliminating another pricey FA middle infielder, so essentially two players(outfield and middle infield) for 2-3 million. I don’t see him wanting to go to the Yankees because of the limited time he would play. Unless he JUST is concerned about sitting the bench collecting rings. The A’s would be intriguing especially to play with his “little bro”, that could make sense to but I am not sure he would get more Ab’s in Oak than SD. Unless Oak would be satisfied playing him at third…

    • nevermind the comment

    • A platoon player for $2-3 million? Maybe on the Yankees, but that is too rich for the Padres wallet.

      • Guest 6 years ago

        NO its not! The padres would play him often, Eckstein is not a prototypical full time player any more EVEN at second, Jerry would get ample time spelling Venable, Gwynn, in the outfield and a late inning defensive replacement for Blanks as well along with backing up all infield positions. The right handed hitting outfielder is exactly what the Padres need and not to mention if you sign Jerry because of his extreme versatility it COULD eliminate another middle infielder signing there by actually saving MONEY!

  6. NYYANKEES 6 years ago

    Since Jerry is cheaper than Damon and is a right hand bat that Cashman is looking for might as well.

  7. Dexter_Morgan 6 years ago

    i would prefer reed johnson over hairston jr.

    • I don’t know what team you are referring to, but if it is the Padres, I agree.

      Reed Johnson plays a decent CF and he hits lefties extremely well. .313/.378/.463/.841 career. Would be a great platoon with Gwynn and he is going to be cheap compared to Hairston Jr.

  8. mrmoss 6 years ago

    Reed Johnson is a bum so is Jamie Hoffman

    Hairston is the man you want on the bench

    • Dexter_Morgan 6 years ago

      Reed Johnson is better than Hairston. Esepcially vs. LHP, which they will be mostly used for.

  9. Derek2Jeter 6 years ago

    “and is capable of playing pretty much anywhere on the field except pitcher and catcher”

    He can also catch.

  10. The pride of Naperville Illinois!!!

  11. Rich_in_NJ 6 years ago

    Signing Hairston would a waste of the Yankees’ remaining payroll space.

  12. I hope the Yankees can sign him, he was part of a core group of players that helped the team relax and have a different panorama of playing ball, i admire the Hairstons because they know how to properly respect the game, and the game in exchange, has given their family a good bunch of players in the maximum circuit.

    The best choices for Jerry Jr. are the Padres, having double nationality (his mom married Jerry Sr. in Hermosillo Sonora, México and they are Mexicans by law) and speaking fluent spanish, San Diego will feel like a second home for him were spanish is not as distorted as the one Dominicans and Puertoricans “speak” in NY… and the second best choice is NY because he once said his dream was to play for the Yankees, because it was also his dad’s dream since the first day he set foot at The Stadium playing for the ChiSox in the 1970’s, something he didn’t acomplish, but Jerry Jr. did.

    Who knows? maybe he’ll be reunited with his bro’ in Oakland.

    • Wek 6 years ago

      To say that the spanish of Dominicans and Puertoricans in NY is disttorted compared to the spanish of Mexicans is moronic and cannot get anymore stupid than it is. Every single country that has spanish as their first language has their own unique spanish and unique vocabulary. I live in NY and have plenty of hispanic friends that come from different countries and they all have their own unique spanish. The qoutation marks around the words Puertoricans and speakis unnecessary. Are you racists by any chance or something?

  13. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    “Id like to see Hairston back on the Yankees…Jamie Hoffman is a bum”.
    Wow, another well thought out post. I have no idea what Hoffman can do but to call him a bum before a single at bat seems like a waste of words. Keep in mind that you would have to be pretty damn awful to be a poor 4th OFer. No one is expecting him to be a .300/.380 hitter. If he can hold a .250/.340 line and play good defense then he serves a purpose.

    All that being said, the fact that Cashman has moved swiftly to fill all other needs but is taking his time finding a platoon LF makes me think that he’s at least leaving the door open for a Damon return. Otherwise, I would like to see him move on Randy Winn AND Hoffman.

    5 starting pitchers
    7 bullpen pitchers- Mo, Hughes, Aceves, Robertson, Gaudin, Marte and another lefty.
    9 starters
    4 bench players- Cervelli, Hairston, Winn and Hoffman. If Hoffman doesn’t make the 25 man roster then Pena in his place.

    • mrmoss 6 years ago

      Randy Winn LOL….Why would we get rid of one oldman in Damon then get in Winn another oldman and an downgrade

      Like i said before Hoffman is a bum,and wont see the bigs with the Yankees

  14. wesleyisme 6 years ago

    Doesn’t make sense for the A’s to get Jerry…their OF is already packed with Crisp, Sweeney, Buck, Cunningham, Taylor, Davis, Scott Hairston, and a terrible Jack Cust.

    Give Hoffman a chance you guys… he wasn’t a top prospect for nothing.

  15. PTBeaneNL 6 years ago

    Why the heck does the A’s want him? We already don’t want his brother I thought?

  16. jdkladsjl 6 years ago

    The A’s want him probably as a cheap way to fill the short stop postion

  17. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    Randy Winn LOL….Why would we get rid of one oldman in Damon then get in Winn another oldman and an downgrade

    Like i said before Hoffman is a bum,and wont see the bigs with the Yankees

    The reason why Damon isn’t back with the Yankees has less to do with his age and more to do with the demands in terms of length and dollars. If he had accepted the Yanks 2/20 or 2/14 deal earlier then the “old man” would still be a Yankee.

    Keep in mind what the Yanks are looking for. They are NOT expected to fill that LF spot with a long-term solution. And they are thinking platoon/4th OF and NOT young and dynamic stud. Randy Winn is a perfect fit for what the Yanks need.

    -He’s a switch hitter.
    -He can play all three OF positions, especially the corners, which means he can spell Gardner in LF and Swisher in RF.
    -He’s an excellent defensive player in LF and RF.
    -He’s a lifetime .289/.348 LH hitter vs RH pitching and .280/.332 hitter as a RH hitter vs LH pitching.
    -Last year he hit .292/.354 as a LH hitter vs RH pitcher. The signifigance of that, coupled with his ability to be al least adequate in CF defensively, means that he can be a good alternative to replace Granderson vs tough lefty pitchers if Grandy continues to struggle against them.
    -He still has some speed in those old legs of his as he stole 16 of 18 SB last year and over the last 3 years has had a 88% SB success rate (56 SB vs 7 CS). That’s pretty damn good base running. Winn may not be the usual superstar player but, in a reduced role, he could be spectacular, especially if he regains some of his power.

  18. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    And Winn probably wouldn’t command more than a 1 year 3-4 million deal.

  19. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 6 years ago

    Why would anyone want Randy Winn Starting and getting 500 at bats? His .262 avg was bad last year, he hit 2 homers in over 500 at bats and only 16 steals…. I can do that lol and so can any other free agent out there not named Randy Winn!

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