Infield Market Hinging On Hudson?

FRIDAY, 8:32pm:'s Bill Ladson reports that Hudson is looking for $9MM, but the Nationals are only willing to pay him a third of that. GM Mike Rizzo has spoken to Hudson recently, however they talked about how he would fit with the team, rather than dollars and years.

THURSDAY, 3:15pm: Chico Harlan of the Washington Post hears that the Nationals are waiting on Hudson's decision.

10:32am: Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports suggested yesterday three teams are in on free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson.  Today, Rosenthal says six teams are "showing varying degrees of interest."

The Nationals are one of those clubs, though's Bill Ladson tweets that Hudson's price is still too high and they're considering either going internal or signing Adam Kennedy or Orlando Cabrera.

Rosenthal indicates Hudson is the "linchpin" of the free agent infield market, with the fates of Kennedy, Cabrera, Felipe Lopez, and Melvin Mora tied to Hudson.  Regarding Mora, a Rosenthal tweet has the Rangers, Rockies, Mariners, and Reds in the mix.

Rosenthal's list of teams that are or could be looking for infield help includes the Nats, Twins, Reds, Tigers, Rockies, Mariners, Rays, and Cardinals.  Morosi likes Kennedy as a match for Detroit.

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  1. One of these pictures isn’t the same. One of these pictures doesn’t fit….

    What the heck does Mora have to do with any of these?

    • jdub220 6 years ago

      He’s an infielder?

      It says infielder market. Not middle infielder market.

    • rayking 6 years ago

      The last time Mora played OF was 2003 – pretty sure he’s an infielder.

  2. Mora is the fallback option if the Rockies determine themselves to be out of the Hudson picture. So he pretty much ties in there. If they get Hudson, Barmes becomes the utility man. If they don’t, which they most likely won’t, Barmes plays everyday and they pursue Mora as the utility man.

  3. chegui 6 years ago

    i think the angels should go get mora for about 2-3 mil. that way if wood doesnt work on third he could play there…and yes i know they got mighty maicer but hey its always good to have depth.

  4. $1742854 6 years ago

    I still can’t believe that Lopez is on the market and hasn’t received at least a 1 yr/option with his line last year. C’mon Twins–get him!

    • Alldaybaseball 6 years ago

      He would be the perfect fit in that Twins lineup. Do you think he goes there? What kind of deal? 1 year 4 million with an option for six?

  5. BlackBocks 6 years ago

    Twins need to get Hudson…perfect 2 hitter after span and before mauer. IMO if we get Hudson (2yr contract)…we sign mauer to a big extension. He will see that we are trying to get better in the long run.

  6. CrisE 6 years ago

    The Twins are waiting but these dominoes are going to fall fast once guys start signing. I still advocate throwing one cheap contract out there and signing the first guy who reaches for it. Hudson still thinks he can make some coin, but Lopez Kennedy and Cabrera might fold quickly if $2m + some incentives was offered.

  7. jhawk90 6 years ago

    The Twins cannot go into Target Field with Punto at 2B and Tolbert/Harris at 3B. Given that Punto HAS to play somewhere, his noodle arm, flailing around, floppity ways (or “grit” as Gardy would have you believe) are best hidden at 2B. Therefore expect the return of Crede or some palpable stop-gap measure at 3B until Valencia is ready. Just not Tolbert/Harris please. Been there.

    I love Hudson, just don’t see the Twins in the $$$ mix there, although it would accelerate Punto’s demise after he blows out his arm at 3B.

  8. Bernaldo 6 years ago

    One may not like Nick Punto but at least be fair: he does not have a “noodle” arm! He can make all the throws at 3B and apparently, many regard his best defensive position is at 3B. The problem with Punto has never been his range or his arm at 3B, it’s his bat.

    He has a “noodle” bat, not a “noodle” arm.

  9. disgustedcubfan 6 years ago

    I would give Jim Hendry an “A” for his off-season if he can sign either Hudson or Lopez to play 2nd base.
    C’mon Jim, let’s sign whoever is cheaper and call it a day.

  10. redsandyanksfan 6 years ago

    I would be all for it but IF the reds sign the o dawg where would he play shortstop or is phillips sliding back to shortstop?

    • Guest 6 years ago

      Th Reds will get Orlando Cabrera. IMO

      • redsandyanksfan 6 years ago

        i know but i was just curious why reds name was brought up in the hudson sweepstakes

  11. connorburke 6 years ago

    I would be shocked if the twins actually sign a good fa infielder
    either lopez or hudson would be great
    c’mon twins

  12. Mauerneau 6 years ago

    Signing a 2nd baseman seems like the perfect situation for the twins. They can play Punto at third, and if Valencia is tearing it up later in the season, punto can come off the bench like he is meant to do. Then Punto’s awful contract comes of the books in 2011 and Valencia takes over at 3rd. Plus, if monetary restrictions dont get in the way, the twins can offer a 2nd year to hudson or lopez since there is no one in the minors who figures to be ready in the next couple years. Git er done!

  13. connorburke 6 years ago

    Twins could offer a contract like this1 year 5 mil with a team option for 7mil if Hudson was smart he’d accept that
    no way he’ll get 9 per

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      last season he signed a 3.3MM deal that escalated to 8.5MM with incentives with the dodgers. Why is it impossible to get 9 per with incentives sense he is coming off a gold glove season?

      ( i know gold gloves dont mean he is good at defense, but it DOES add value)

    • connorburke 6 years ago

      the contract would have minimal incentives with a chance for 7.5mil in both years

  14. connorburke 6 years ago

    A 3million dollar contract offer is a joke any of these teams could outbid them
    c’mon twins offer more then the Nats and u could get a useful fa for once

  15. icedrake523 6 years ago

    I was going to say “If the Angels can find a team dumb enough to take on Gary Matthews Jr and $2M, the Mets can find a team dumb enough to take on Castillo and $1M.” Then I remembered who that dumb team was that the Angels found.

  16. kimofromkauai 6 years ago

    Hudson should talk to J Damon about salary requests and supply/demand in this economic market. Management seems to be taking a hard (reasonable?) line on big salaries for aging and replaceable players.

  17. derail76 6 years ago

    Why does O-Dawg think he is going to get 9 mill? I know he was a gold glove winner, but UZR rates him as below average with the glove, and his offense tailed off considerably after the first month of the season. None of the comparable infielders got anything close to what he wants. Look at Belliards deal. His war rating was pretty similar, though Hudsons was higher, but Belliard got 850k. And Belliard isnt even close to the injury risk that Hudson is.

  18. connorburke 6 years ago

    he’s going to have to drop his asking price considerably soon or else teams will start moving on

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