Mets Interested In Sheets, Wang, Tracy

The latest on the Mets' search for starting pitching:

  • Ben Sheets appears to be the team's top target, according to Ken Davidoff of Newsday.
  • The Mets have been in touch with Sheets since watching him throw Tuesday, according to Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News.
  • Alan Nero, one of Chien-Ming Wang's representatives, tells McCarron that the Mets are one of 15 teams interested in the former Yankee.
  • McCarron hears that the Mets have had discussions about Chad Tracy.
  • Remember, Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog tweeted this morning that the Mets are close to making a deal.

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  1. cmat91 6 years ago

    close to making a deal like how they were close to making a deal to Molina?

  2. Sampsonite168 6 years ago

    I’m praying it’s Sheets but I’m not getting my hopes up at all. I fully expect to be underwhelmed by whatever the results of this mystery deal are.

  3. Infield Fly 6 years ago

    Mets “to do” list:

    1. Sign Sheets
    2. Sign Wang
    3. Add both directly to DL

  4. Ricky 6 years ago

    Anyone but Wang. he’s soooooo done. Mets should sign one reliable starter – Garland and one project – Sheets. Also, please dump Castillo already. Take on Matthews, just make the Angels to eat the difference. Castillo is not helping us. If we do this we can turn the disappointment stove into the hot stove.

    • cmat91 6 years ago

      castillo is coming off a solid season. i think he has more trade value than that. atleast hes showing improvement

  5. Infield Fly 6 years ago

    The thing about Gary Matthews is he’s fine with defense, but doesn’t really have much of a bat. However, it would be great to ship Castillo elsewhere if it would help us to nail the O-Dawg (I know…there’s an echo in here). We need production (and enthusiasm) wherever we can get it from. Why not get it from a box of firecrackers like Hudson? He’d be great for the team.

    • cmat91 6 years ago

      i just feel like hudson is heading down the same path as castillo in a year. someone on this blog said hed be willing to settle for around 3mil a yr. can anyone confirm this? if thats true, then do it in a heartbeat

      • Infield Fly 6 years ago

        Yeah, but 1) he’s not there yet, and 2) he’s got the ability to energize a team. That limping bucket of confusion & injuries called the Mets could use some of that, right about now (or sooner).

        • JaySchu 6 years ago

          Felipe Lopez is a ton better than Hudson.

          • Infield Fly 6 years ago

            Not with the bat – and L√≥pez doesn’t bring that energizing factor that the Mets so badly need, either. Still, I do wonder if the Mets have given him any kind of consideration.

    • Ricky 6 years ago

      I agree 100pct

  6. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    What the hell is wrong with Disqus!!!!

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      If it’s crashing write to Tim. He’s looking into that right now.

  7. Santana

    Not bad, not great.

  8. Ricky 6 years ago

    Yankees dumped Wang for a reason – he’s done. Stinks. Terrible. I hate one pitch pitchers who can’t K anyone. As a met fan, I’m worried that Pelfrey is turning into a Wang type – Big Man that relies on a 95+ sinker. Wang was serviceable only bc he played on a stud hitting team. Forget him

    • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

      I didn’t realize that 3 straight years of a sub-4 FIP is only considered “serviceable”. Does that make Johan the Met’s only serviceable starter? Not saying Wang will ever pitch like that again though, he’s probably done.

    • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

      The Yanees said they’ll match any offer Wang gets – they clearly haven’t “given up” on him.

  9. Corey 6 years ago

    MEts signing Wang? Would you rather have Wang or Sheets? I have a feeling they will take Sheets. Wang? I’d like to know those 15 teams. I doubt it is 15. BUmmer, as a Cubs fan I was wanting Sheets–comeback player of the year? But, cubs have brought in Tikatsu last year to keep Fukudome company, maybe Wang this year? Cubs will probably settle for whomever Mets don’t sign, but they have a history of taking chances on tired arms, I see Cubs doing it again.

  10. wabilinski 6 years ago

    I would rather have Jon Garland. He’s an innings eater and you know what you’re gonna get. Wang is injured, Smoltz is washed up and Sheets is unreliable.

  11. Jay 6 years ago

    Gary Matthews Jr.!!!!!!!

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      All hail the outfielder who’s all glove and no bat!

  12. I’d be down to sign all three–depending on price. We all know what Sheets can do if he’s remotely healthy, so no explanation there. As for Wang and Tracy–just solid depth. If Wang can find his sinker again, he’ll be a serviceable 4 starter. Tracy has some pop, and experience at both 1B and 3B. He would make a good lefty bat off the bench with more of a ceiling than Tatis (I know he’s a righty, but I’m just talking about talent).

  13. cderry 6 years ago

    Mets’ ownership just wants to brag that they have a 6-foot Wang.

  14. sbanks 6 years ago

    it’s all about risk and reward. i have said for months they should sign sheets and wang. if one goes down then the mets still have 3 aces on their staff: santana, wang/sheets, and pelfry/ ollie perez can be very good. just remember both have had a year and a half to rest and wang was a 19 game winner in the AL.

    • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

      Yea, good luck on that whole “Pelfrey/Ollie Perez can be good” thing. Mets need two starters, an innings eater (Harang-type) and a potential #2 starter (Sheets/Wang/Bedard).

  15. sbanks 6 years ago

    you have to remember both wang and sheets are #1 starter material when healthy. lots of risk but even more reward, wang had a 19 win season in the AL. that’s pretty good. look at chris carpenter in the case of sheets. carpenter looked bad when he got hurt and he had a terrific year.

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      Except that Carpenter doesn’t have the track record of several successive seasons of being injured (or managing himself, and pulling himself out of games), like Sheets does. Carpenter may have been injured and had a few “hiccups” along the way, but once he recovered he was solid (and more), just as he was before his injury. They are two different kinds of animals.My “jury” is out on Wang, though. I don’t know what to make of him, and from what I see I have to wonder just how much of what ails him is in his head.

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