Multiple Clubs Contacted Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds would like to return to the St. Louis Cardinals, but he's open to playing elsewhere and three or four other teams have at least some interest in him. The 39-year-old outfielder told the Team 1380 in St. Louis that the Yankees are one of the teams that has contacted him (transcription from Rob Rains of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat).

Edmonds maintains that he would like to return to the Cardinals, but says he has no illusions about taking the everyday center fielder's job from Colby Rasmus.

"Colby is the center fielder. My job would be to help him and replace him when he needed help," Edmonds said. "I wouldn’t get in Colby’s way."

Edmonds, who is open to playing for the MLB minimum, says he needs a couple weeks to start hitting.

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  1. tonymontoya 6 years ago

    Why wouldn’t the Mets just sign him if they were looking for a fill-in?

    • Cuddy Fox 6 years ago

      The Mets already is trading for one bad outfielder. They do not need Edmonds which use to be a gold glove winner for this bad outfielder name Matthews.

  2. anthonymurillo 6 years ago

    The Yankees really, really need to pass on him.

    No thank you.

  3. NL_East_Rivalry 6 years ago

    Yankees would be perfect. He would have good HR numbers there. They have enough OBP guys.

    • Cuddy Fox 6 years ago

      After taking a year off, his swing might be little off. He is not as strong as he was back in the early 2000s. He will not be able to clear the fence really even in Yankee Stadium. Right now, he can play as a gap hitter and a line hitter, but not a power hitter.

  4. Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

    Jimmy should go to the yanks because he would have a lot better shot winning another ring there than with the cards.

    • Cuddy Fox 6 years ago

      The Cardinals play in the NL central. You know as much as I that the NL central is no computation with the rest of the teams there. The Cubs is the Cubs, Reds do not have enough fire power, Brewers have not got enough pitching, The Pirates need all type of help and is a lost cause and The Astros is getting up in age again. Why you say STL can not get into the World Series? The team in 2006 is suppose to not even beat San Diego, and look where they end up, beating Detroit who has a way better team then STL and really NYY then.

      • Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

        Who said the cards didn’t have a chance to make it to the WS? I just said the Yankees have a lot better chance which is the truth. lol

      • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

        He’s not saying the Cards don’t have a shot at the WS, just that the Yankees have a better shot. Also, it’s hard to read what you type.

        • Cuddy Fox 6 years ago

          The Yankees also has a better chance not making it to the playoffs. What I see is that the Red Sox, Rangers and Mariners has improve and Yankees got a pitcher who not pitch in the devision in some time and an outfielder. Cardinals has 5 teams in the NL central that is not much and the only other teams that is going to be tough for STL is Philly, Atlanta and Arizona if their pitching come back.

          • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

            The Rangers and Mariners are in the AL West, they wont really affect if the Yankees do or do not make the playoffs. The Red Sox made improvements, but so did the Yankees. If you can’t acknowledge that the defending WS champions have a better shot at winning than the Cards, who we aren’t denying are great, then you may have issues.

    • aruntuddle 6 years ago

      we sure got a better chance at winning than you guys. besides maybe our closer being a question we have a solid team. how did you guys do last season? oh that’s right you tanked.

      • Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

        I guess if you wanna call winning 83 games “tanked” then go ahead. Maybe not great but tanked? lol another uneducated cards fan “surprise”

        • Jntg4 6 years ago

          85 Games with several key injuries

          • Jntg4 6 years ago

            I meant 83

          • Ferrariman 6 years ago

            Right bcause the cardinals didn’t have their fare share of injuries….they were counting on khalil Greene and glaus to provide 200rbi and 40 plus homers. That’s quite a bit of a loss.. Or that carpenter was out for 2 months had no effect either. Or ankiel’s collision with the wall which made him deal with a injury the whole season…or that we didn’t have a 4th starter basically the whole season with 4 seperate goes at the DL for Kyle lohse.

            The cubs can’t use the “key players were hurt” excuse…Just about every team deals with it. The cardinals are just an overall better team

          • Jntg4 6 years ago

            I didn’t say the Cards didn’t have any injuries. Someone said they tanked, so i said they were above .500 even with the injuries and were capable of more had the injuries not happened, I never said the Cardinals didn’t. All I said is that the Cubs didn’t “tank”, but they were a good team even with the injuries. I never said the Cards didn’t get injured or that the Cubs were better, so stop arguing with me over things I never said.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      awww.. Your just bitter cuz your a cubs fan. Thats sad….

      • Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

        I’d be bitter if I was a cardinals fan cuz the just paid damn near 20 mill annually to a player who can’t catch routine fly balls.

        • Guest 6 years ago

          17 million a year, and thats a huge difference from 20 million a year bud.. Oh and have you heard of Alfonso Soriano? I dunno, maybe you have but Im not too sure. The Cubs are and will remain pathetic.

          • Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

            Whoa calm down buddy it’s ok. Or are you just having a roid rage like your new hitting instructor lol. Nothing like media distractions to get spring training started. lmao

          • Guest 6 years ago

            I should have know better than to debate with some who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.. Man, Sammy Sosa took just as much steroids as Mark McGwier , at least he admitted to it unlike Sosa who played the “no speak english” card. I happen to believe the whole steroids era was a blessing in disguise. Im mean lets face it, Baseball is more popular than ever due to the monsters who took steroids and I dont care who you are, man they put on a great show!

          • cardinalsincontentionagain 6 years ago

            And Palameiro….still awaiting MANY confessions.

          • Jiujitsu411420 6 years ago

            “Some1 who doesn’t know what they’re talking about”? Bro you can’t even spell “Mcgwire” and how long was he with the cardinals? You cardinal fans kill me. lol…. Did any of you even graduate?

        • cardinalsincontentionagain 6 years ago

          Crow hop flop

        • BirdsOnDaBat07 6 years ago

          Yeah that was tough, especially it being in the playoffs too. Oh wait, you all wouldn’t know about that. Try winning a World Series in this century then talk

  5. I doubt they Yankees called. They have been all about getting younger and this is as far from that.

  6. aruntuddle 6 years ago

    We do need some help of the bench. his D is still great wherever he plays. he just needs to make more contact at the plate. this would be a good way to get the taste of him being a Cub out of our mouths.

  7. It’s a good PR move as well as a decent bench move. His defense probably isn’t what it once was, but he’d probably be more of a designated pinch hitter than a defensive replacement. If I’m the Cards, I bring Edmonds back on board.

  8. bjsguess 6 years ago

    Why couldn’t he find work last year but have teams lined up for him this year?

  9. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Please dont let it be us!

  10. dickylarue 6 years ago

    Don’t see the Yankees doing this AT ALL. If they leaked they are interested in Edmonds it was to tweak Damon and Boras into reality at this point through the media.

  11. Macfan1 6 years ago

    Yeah right Jim Edmonds wished the Yankees called him,

    What would the Yankees need with a 40 year old outfielder next season.

    I love how guys just love to drop the Yankees name to raise their actual interest.

    I’m sure Cashman contacted the agent of many a guys this offseason, doesn’t mean he wants those guys. I wouldn’t touch Edmonds with a 100 foot pole. St. Louis can have him.

    Its about getting younger not form a fossil collection of has beens.

  12. ReverendBlack 6 years ago

    Multiple teams contacted me, too. I swear.

    In fact all of them even said they think I’m going to be really really great this year. Also that I’m very handsome.

  13. How about the Braves?
    Not that we have a shortage of outfielders right now, but he would make a hell of a platoon partner for Matt Diaz. I suggested this last year as a better option than signing Griffey or Garrett Anderson. Theoretically Edmonds could still play a decent left field and he’s had great numbers against righties for the last few years.

  14. Jumsy 6 years ago

    I would say that the Yankees have no interest in Edmonds except to make Boras and Damon think they are moving on and need to lower their contract expectations if he wants to remain a Yankee.
    If Edmonds signs anywhere, it will be in St. Louis. The only reason he was traded to begin with was his belief that he was still and everyday player. Now that he has determined his role as a bench/role player, he would be a good fit as a much needed LH bench bat in St. Louis. The only reason I have any negative feelings about this is if it results in Allen Craig not getting playing time on the big club. The guy deserves a legitimate opportunity, and if he excels then the Cards have a low cost corner OF to replace Ludwick, or to use as trade bait to get a real closer.

  15. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    although most sane people would say that jim edmonds’s most valuable asset at this point in his career is sentimentality (a stat that could really only help the cardinals), a look at some lesser-known stats really illuminates why so many teams are barking up jimmy ballgame’s tree:

    2008 (Padres/Cubs)

    Home Runs:20
    Doubles: 19
    “Intangibles”: 18
    Bits of Sage Wisdom Bestowed Upon Ryan Theriot: 24
    Affairs with Sam Fuld’s Wife: 6ish
    Affairs with Sam Fuld’s Wife w/RISP: 2ish*

    *lead NL Central

    Not bad, really.

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