New York Notes: Pineiro, Smoltz, Nady

Some New York news and notes courtesy of Newsday's Ken Davidoff..

  • Davidoff's understanding is that the Mets' offer to Joel Pineiro was very similar to the Angels' offer of two-years, $16MM.  While it would be natural to assume that the free agent hurler preferred the stability of the Halos franchise to the Metropolitans, he writes that he doesn't know that for certain.
  • The Mets would definitely like to sign John Smoltz, though it would cause a logjam of starting pitchers.  Davidoff suggests that the team could move John Maine in order to create space for him.
  • Speaking of Smoltz, Davidoff hears that the Yankees were interested in the 42-year-old prior to landing Javier Vazquez.
  • As we've heard elsewhere, the Bombers are looking for one more outfielder and are considering right-handers Xavier Nady and Rocco Baldelli.

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  1. jaydh 6 years ago

    I was glad when Pineiro and Molina chose other destinations. And hearing this, I’ll be glad if Smoltz does as well. I would rather rely on maine in the rotation than Smoltz for now and into the future.

    • PC4President 6 years ago

      I watch nearly every Cardinals game every season and I can tell you that, despire the numbers, Smoltz looked excellent for most of his Cardinals tenure. He’s still got a lot left. Whether Smoltz is in the rotation or the bullpen, however, seems to be the only concern for the Mets, if I’m the GM. And I can’t possibly believe the Mets can call ANYTHING a “logjam” at ANY position after last season. If anything, you can never have too much pitching.

  2. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    I’d like nady and the pirates have a reunion. That’s some nice veteran presence for a young team. Besides, he did very good for the bucs a few years back.

  3. icedrake523 6 years ago

    Or could it be that Piniero wanted to go to a team that is more likely to make the playoffs?

    • cmat91 6 years ago

      yea cause having yea cause having 6 all-stars on the team really diminishes those chances…

      • icedrake523 6 years ago

        Not saying the Mets don’t have a chance. My point was more that it may not be because the Mets are supposedly perceived as this hopeless, dysfunctional organization and are worse than the Pirates.

        • j6takish 6 years ago

          The Mets are the Bernie Madoffs of baseball, someone keeps giving them money and its depressing/hilarious.

        • Fredschickenshack 6 years ago

          lol the mets had 1 bad year… from 06 – 08 the mets won the most games in the nl over that stretch….. u obviously dont live in ny n didnt watch the mets last year…. try watching ur team litterally every big starter u rely on go down.. ur not gonna win much … take a healthy mets team u really think they would havve been that bad ?.. no..

      • Fredschickenshack 6 years ago

        the mets have 6 allstars too wahts ur point..bay santana..krod..reyes…wright..beltran

    • John Gyna 6 years ago

      I’m not discounting the talent on the Angels roster, but the way the Mariners have approached this offseason and the Rangers talent, I think the Mets are just as likely to make the playoffs as the Angels, if not more.

    • Fredschickenshack 6 years ago

      and thank god pineiro didnt come to ny, we didnt want him… noooo wayyy to that guy

  4. Rich_in_NJ 6 years ago

    Pass on Baldelli.

  5. BoSoxSam 6 years ago

    Woah, I’m confused. Did I miss a deal somewhere??? The Mets chasing Pineiro makes sense, but then when they talk about signing Smoltz suddenly they have a logjam of starting pitchers. If they had a logjam of starting pitchers, why does it seem like one of their PRIORITIES lately has been starting pitching? Again, if I missed a deal in there somewhere, please let me know.

    • GravediggerHebnerTRDMB 6 years ago

      My thought exactly. Don’t know why Smoltz is suddenly a logjam when no one else previously was.

    • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

      Agreed. Did they discover some talent overnight that we haven’t heard about yet? I mean they have a bunch of pitchers, yeah. But to say that they have enough of good-enough starters is one hell of a stretch.

  6. Jonathan Gallo 6 years ago

    I’m thrilled that the Yanks are considering resigning Nady.

  7. I thought the Mets were going to put Smoltz in the bullpen. I don’t understand why they have more faith in Smoltz than Maine. I like Sheets because, while he is a risk, his upside is tremendous. I’m more interested in Smoltz as a relief option, not a guy you’re relying on every five days.

    • humbb 6 years ago

      But if the Mets signed Sheets, they’d have to trade Smoltz …

      … if they signed Smoltz.

  8. rickjames2213 6 years ago

    you would have to think the yankees will look for someone with some pop to fill the spot opposite Brett Gardner…Reed Johnson doesn’t fit that mold.

    Xavier Nady fits the mold of right handed pop. Roco Baldelli does to a degree aswell.

  9. rillyboy 6 years ago

    Yanks have to pass on Nady and Baldelli.
    Reed Johnson is THE good fit, a true warrior.

  10. moses0507 6 years ago

    The Mets will sign Smoltz and Sheets.

    Sheets will be our number 2 while Smoltz will be insurance for the rotation, but will reside in the bullpen

    • cmat91 6 years ago

      why not sign just sheets, and put Maine in the bullpen as insurance for the rotation? put money towards something else

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