Padres Free Agent Targets

As you might expect, new Padres GM Jed Hoyer is searching for bargains on the free agent market.'s Corey Brock names names.

The Padres' first goal is to add a veteran catcher to back up Nick HundleyMike Redmond and Ramon Castro are on the radar, Brad Ausmus less so.  Castro has shown pretty good power for a catcher, with a .415 career SLG.

Outfield targets include Jerry Hairston Jr., Randy Winn, and Reed Johnson.  Hairston, of course, can handle the infield as well.  These players figure to land contracts of $2MM or less, in my opinion.

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  1. arock1234 5 years ago

    Sounds like Jerry hariston would be a good fit for san diego

  2. If Reed is expected to get 2MM or less, than the Cubs should bring him back! He would be a good bat to back up Fukudome against left handed pitchers, and good late inning defense for Soriano. Of course he may be looking for a place to start.

  3. marinest21 5 years ago

    If Winn can stay healthy he would be a nice fit in Petco with his speed. Doubles and triples machine.

  4. Randy Winn is the best of the crop here. Year in and year out, Winn quietly puts up solid numbers. With Winn you have to temper your expectations to around a line of .270/.330/.415 with minimal pop 10-15 HRS and about 50-60 RBI’S. Overpaid in San Fran, his new deal will be considerably less than what he made in each of the last 2 seasons.

    • I think Winn is the best of the group….I do wonder how he fits in with an already LHH heavy OF though. Personally, I’d rather see if Gwynn Jr can play everyday instead of spending 2M or so on Winn.

  5. I thought Ramon Castro signed witrh the Blue Jays?

  6. Guest 5 years ago

    ugh. those targets suck. please aim higher jed.

  7. DTogo 5 years ago

    Winn is the best player on that list but that isnot saying much.

  8. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    Why would old man Randy Winn be a good fit? anyone look at his numbers last year? there is a reason the Giants no longer want him….TG jr. is exactly the same player but younger…and I wouldnt want either starting in center at Petco…. Scotty Pods would be nice but Hairston Jr. would be a sweet fit

  9. Guest 5 years ago

    I think Jerry Hairston Jr. would be ideal for the Padres, I have been saying that for months, that is no surprise. However I think other teams will come into play and if there is a bidding war, the Padres wont compete. Reed Johnson could also be nice if your talking about a “platoon” situation with him and Gwynn Jr. Gwynn batting well against righties and Johnson very well against lefties, something the Padres lacked last year, AVG against lefties.

    I think Hairston could be very valuable to the Padres especially, because ONE player could really fill two roles, middle infield and right handed outfield spot.

    I also still wouldn’t mind seeing Khalil Green as a primary back up.

    Castro would not be my first choice, but having said that with Dusty Ryan now Ramon or Ausmus would more than be sufficient IMO for the tutelage of the two young catchers and for fairly cheap.

  10. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    I agree with you… and K. Greene backup wouldn’t be so bad at all. I doubt anyone else even picks him up so why not though veteran Minimum at him? Also:

    Randy Win 2009 Stats: .262 Avg (not good) 2 HR (not good) 51 rbi (ok) 16 steals (No bueno) 5 Triples (Tg jr could get 5 triples in half the at bats) 538 at bats……. Give TG 538 at bats and he would post better numbers then that…even reed johnson could do way better then that…… Ah I really hope that he is not in our plans it just makes no sense…. Look at it this way if we have Winn in CF ,Eck at 2B, Cabb at SS and the pitchers spot gives us 4 positions in our starting lineup every night that wont hit 5 Homeruns for the seaon (maybe Cabb)

  11. Ohhhplease 5 years ago

    Not a list that makes you rush out to buy season tickets, or feel that the Pads will be WS contenders in 2010. But, really what do you expect with a sub 40 million dollar payroll? Winn would provide solid defense and a decent bat, being spelled by T. Gwynn Jr.

    Unfortunately T. Gwynn Jr., is not an everyday CF. He was not in Milwaukee, and is not in San Diego. I wish that he were, but they have to do something other than him. Maybe one day Pads fans can look forward to mid-major free agent. Not anytime soon.

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