Reds Sign Josh Anderson To Minor League Deal

The Reds have signed outfielder Josh Anderson to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training, according to a tweet from's Mark Sheldon

The speedy outfielder has bounced around from Houston to Atlanta to Detroit to Kansas City in his brief big league career, during which he's hit .272/.313/.352 in 519 plate appearances. Johnson has stolen 36 bases in 43 tries, though UZR says he's a poor defender in center but strong on the corners.

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  1. BigRedMachine35 5 years ago

    i think this is a nice pickup for the reds. if all else fails then they can put Anderson in left and lead him off.

    I watched this kid play when i lived in AZ in the spring and he is lights out fast and if given a chance to play everyday could EASILY be in the top 5 in SB’s in the league.

    nice shot in the dark cincy, now go sign a SS and lets do this!

  2. GoFish128 5 years ago

    ^Calling it now, Khalil Greene

  3. Scouting 5 years ago

    Who is Johnson?

  4. Go Reds! The Bob Castellini era has officially begun now that they have Josh Anderson. A championship caliber team is now complete. /end sarcasm

    Never been a fan of the Reds and some of the things they do perplex me. Small things like this aren’t likely to matter much in the grand scheme but I can’t fault them for trying to add talent.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Yeah, World Series! I wish he’d sell the team, he’s worse than previous ownership groups in that he makes bold statements about “championship baseball” and then doesn’t follow through.

    • Subrational 5 years ago

      Well, I suspect the Reds could spend a hundred million a year and get the same result like the Cubs! lol. You are correct, though. They do many “perplexing” and pointless transactions that waste money.

  5. Please don’t tell me that this is our answer to our left field problem. That’s embrassing if it is…

  6. ben123453 5 years ago

    Mike Axisa, I believe you mean Anderson. You put “Johnson” in the body of the post.

  7. Just a minors deal so no big deal. I don’t think the Reds should sign another outfielder. Bruce, maybe a little Votto, Balentien, Nix, Stubbs, Taveras and Dickerson give them a lot of options. It will be fun to see what these guys can do. I would even release Taveras just to free up the at bats.

  8. This might seem like a reach but why won’t the Reds try to sign Ryan Church? He only made $2,800,000 last year (according to ESPN). Sign him to a one year deal similar to the one he recieved last season with the money we saved from Rolen’s contract situation. Besides Jonny Gomes, he would have been or could be our best option.

    • The money saved on Rolen’s contract restructure made it so that the Reds weren’t forced to trade one of their other big contracts. They have no money for any free agent signings unless they trade another salary.

  9. Alldaybaseball 5 years ago

    The Braves got a good minor league reliever for him. I hope he bounces back with the Reds.

  10. Yeah I guess you’re right. I just don’t undertand this move. They don’t need players who are really fast and can steal bases like Anderson. They already have a bunch of those on the roster and in the minors. They need run producers. They should have that money to try to get Gomes back.

  11. matthewhardin12774 5 years ago

    Wow we may have gotten another Taveras. Gomes was one of our biggest run producers last year and thats what we need.

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