Stark On Holliday, Lee, Phillies, Rockies, Cubs's Jayson Stark says the Baseball Writers' Association of America needs to establish an award for relief pitchers. He also provides plenty of rumblings from around the league; here they are:

  • Stark hears that the only offers Matt Holliday had in-hand when the Cardinals signed him were one-year deals worth $18MM or so.
  • The Phillies offered Cliff Lee a three-year extension worth $60MM or so before trading for Roy Halladay. It's unclear whether Lee and agent Darek Braunecker formally turned the offer down, but others believe Lee will seek a longer-term deal once he hits the open market after this season.
  • The Phillies are "plenty interested" in Pedro Martinez on a half-season deal similar to the one he signed last year, but one NL club hears that Pedro is looking for a full-season job at "market" dollars.
  • The Phillies have backed off on John Smoltz, who wants to start, but they are interested in Jose Contreras.
  • The Rockies talked actively to the Marlins about Dan Uggla. Now, the Rockies are more intent on free agent options including Miguel Tejada, Orlando Cabrera and Orlando Hudson.
  • They'd also like to bring Jason Giambi back.
  • Scouts who have seen Carlos Delgado play first base in Puerto Rico say the slugger should look for a DH job, since his fielding is suspect.
  • Stark has the impression that the Cubs have set aside their interest in Ben Sheets as they pursue a bench bat and a setup man.

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  1. Lovable_Loser 5 years ago

    I’m surprised Lee didn’t take that extension.

    • PhilliesLoveOmar 5 years ago

      Why? He (and his agent) see what numbers and years getting thrown at big time free agent pitchers. Even an inferior pitcher, Lackey, got 5+ years. If he pitches like he has the last 3 years he will be in line for a 5/110 or so. If he takes the extension he’s making approximately 75% of that number in that time period. Of course he gets the security of being locked up in case of injury, but its not like a guy who’s made 20+ MM in his career is worried about not having support the rest of his life.

      • PhilliesLoveOmar 5 years ago

        I am happy to see that RAJ did offer Lee an extension though, shows that he valued Lee at the level we all expect. Whether the year of Lee + picks minus Blanton is better then the prospects from SEA… well time will tell, we should get a good idea by the end of this season how the prospects have progressed.

        Its still unclear why he flipped Lee so quickly and didn’t shop him around. I feel like the Yankees or Red Sox may have given up one top pitching prospect (but nothing more significant) for him. I’d rather have say Joba (or Hughes) to replace losing Drabek… then a guy converted to a RP, now back to SP, with potential but arm problems and two toolsy outfielders (that we already have carbon copies of in the system).

        • JohnKruksWaistline 5 years ago

          The Phils were to quick to flip Lee because they didn’t want their fans to get the pipe dream idea of having a 1-2 of Halladay-Lee, and then be even more disappointed than they already were when Lee got traded.

  2. dgmartin8 5 years ago

    Dear Colorado Rockies,
    Please do not sign Orlando Cabrera. He might be the most overrated player in baseball.

    Your Fans

    • Guest 5 years ago

      I Agree.

    • rocky8899 5 years ago

      How do you figure? He made 4 mill last year, might have led the AL SS in errors, but also led AL SS in RBI’s. Twin’s don’t get to the playoffs without him. Don’t think thats the most overrated player in baseball.

      • dgmartin8 5 years ago

        I see your point, but watching him play in his days in Anaheim, he dogs it on defense consistently. His arm is below average and he has a bad attitude, as documented in Chicago. He piles up the RBI’s, but does that make up for the lack of heart on defense?

  3. Abraham Zapruder 5 years ago

    Matt Holliday is a good player paid like an elite player.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Matt Holliday has better numbers than Mark Teixeira (who signed a much larger contract).. and they consider Texeira an “elite” player…

      • JohnKruksWaistline 5 years ago

        Mark Teixeira’s also a switch-hitting, gold glove player.

  4. Guest 5 years ago


  5. Macfan1 5 years ago

    The Yankees may not have had interest in Bay/Holliday/Figgins/Lackey or the other guys in this offseason market but you had better believe they will go after Cliff Lee hard next offseason, it is about pitching, pitching, pitching. I suspect Andy Pettitte may retire after next season, even though you never know. But if he does expect the Yankees to be involved in the bidding for Cliff Lee depending on what he does this coming season in Seattle. Forming a rotation of Sabathia – LBurnett – RLee – LJoba – R – He will be most likely the 5th starter this coming season and pushed up to about 185+ innings, without any rules on him any longer and having pitched 157 last season. He will turn 25 towards the end of this coming season and will have all the kid gloves and Joba rules removed from him and can just go out and sink or swim on his performance without any worry about how many pitches he throws and innings, etc. Hughes – R – he will likely become the 5th starter in 2011, with all the Joba rules being placed on him after most likely being back in the setup role this coming season in all likelihood. Hughes will be only 24 this coming season.or bring back Vazquez since he wants to take it year to year at any rate, ala Pettitte. The only thing that would stop the Yankees from going after Lee is if he struggles in Seattle, which no one anticipates happening.

    But that is all down the road in 2011

  6. darkdonnie 5 years ago

    Not as angry with Amaro after reading that…..still would rather have the draft picks then the specs.

  7. rayking 5 years ago

    For me, the allegation that Holliday only had one year offers when the Cards signed him doesn’t change that I like the deal for StL – the Cards got him signed before other teams increased their offers or additional teams jumped into the fray. What some call bidding against ourselves, I see as locking him up before we had to bid against other teams. Just my humble opinion tho.

    • PhilliesLoveOmar 5 years ago

      That’s a fair argument. I think people overlook that sometimes agents/players can bluff even without a competing offer. Its also why the Mets signing Bay was partially a good thing for Holliday. Perhaps you lose the Mets as a suitor but now there’s no one left on the market that could possibly approach the numbers Holliday will put up for the Cards next year.

      If the Cards play hardball, yes, he takes either a more team advantageous contract or continues to stonewall and takes a worse deal or a one year deal with another team. You win your battle but lose the war as without him your offense is very suspect.

  8. Probably smart for the Cubs to put Sheets aside until they finish the roster. No matter what Sheets thinks, considering how risky a signing he is I think most teams should look at him as a project with upside rather than a necessary piece, except for perhaps the Met’s. That says more about the Met’s than it does Sheets though.

  9. showmejoe 5 years ago

    Everyone complains about the Holiday contract; what did the fans want? I read blog after blog with hundreds of comments begging and ranting for management to open up the DeWallet and pay him. Now that they did everyone is complaining that we paid too much and/or gave him too many years! What makes it worth it? One ring? Two rings? Or would you all just complain either way?

  10. propheteer 5 years ago

    Without a “Sheets” type of player the Cubs will be hard-pressed to make the postseason. BigZ and Demp will have to be pitching their best, and Wells will need to duplicate his ’09 season (not very likely).

  11. UnfriendlyConfine 5 years ago

    I think it’s safe to say a good number of Cubs fans (myself included) don’t have very high hopes for the 2010 season. I’d go as far as to say some are feeling like the NBA teams waiting for the 2010 offseason. We’ll have some money coming off the books, and a few guys of interest will be available via free agency. Unless the key guys (Sori, ARam, DLee, Z, Demp, Marmol, etc) contribute, I don’t see the Cubs making any noise in the postseason even if they get there. Hendry wants an aging Dye and I guess Calero is in the picture, even though Angel Guzman should be the setup man, hands down. How many days until pitchers and catchers report again?

  12. Cubs suck!! Go Cards!

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