White Sox Avoid Arbitration With Jenks, Quentin

6:58pm: Jenks will make $7.5MM in 2010 while Quentin will make $3.2MM, according to Alden Gonzalez of MLB.comJohn Danks and Tony Pena are the two remaining arbitration-eligible members of the White Sox.

6:28pm: Bobby Jenks and Carlos Quentin have agreed to terms with the White Sox, according to team VP Scott Reifert (via Twitter).

Around this time last year, Jenks avoided arbitration with the club by agreeing to a one-year deal worth $5.6MM.  In 2009 the 28-year-old closer posted a 3.71 ERA with 8.3 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9.  Despite having a slightly underwhelming campaign, Jenks threw his fastball at an average of 94.8 MPH, his hardest since 2006.

Meanwhile, plantar fasciitis slowed down Quentin in '09, as he played in just 99 games.  In his limited action, the left fielder managed to post .236/.323/.456 with 21 HRs.  The 28-year-old Quentin earned $550K last season.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    Does anyone else aside from me think that with the surplus of bullpen arms that the Sox have (Thornton, Jenks, Putz as potential closer) that they can shop them for another bat such as a first baseman or catcher to make Konerko or Pierzynski a DH? I know Tyler Flowers is an upcoming prospect but they just re-signed Ramon Castro which I think is ultimatley unneccessary. What about a possible Jenks-Loney deal or a Jenks-Overbay deal considering the Jays need a closer. Konerko’s defense has been shaky of late.

    • SouthSideSweepers 5 years ago

      It better be more than Overbay. Loney is a good fit but I still think the Sox need to get more for Jenks than him.

  2. So how much are they gonna WASTE on quentin this year??

  3. Unlikely you can trade Jenks. He still cost 7.5 million. Nothing wrong with the Castro signing. Could save millions regarding Flowers and if he wasn’t playing DH its a waste development wise. Not sure what you are watching or reading for Konerko but he had one of his best defensive years last year, though I admit the 1st half was better than the 2nd.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      i’m just saying that despite the efforts of Ken Williams’ wish to make the Sox more athletic, there are still a few piano players on their team.

  4. kahnives 5 years ago

    how much did TCQ get?

  5. el_doggo 5 years ago

    Paulie’s range is definitely diminished (it wasn’t great to begin with) but he will catch everything you throw at him. I doubt he is back next year unless he has an outstanding season, with the strength of the 1B market in 2011.

  6. way to much for jenks

    • Yeah, there’s no reason Jenks should be getting more than Heath Bell.

      • Its called arbitration.

        • Ya but everyone expected him to get 7 million not 7.5 million.

          • Who is everyone? And your plan is to go to arb and pick a fight for 500K?

          • Alot of people from this site, from the white sox sight, and people from the sox team its self. And yes I would go to arbitration for that amount.

          • The estimated amount was 7-8 million. There is no exact. If they offered 7 and he asked for 8 he certainly could have won. Arbitration is messy and they have already had verbal battles with Jenks. You need the guy this year. Its poor business to pick a fight, make the relationship worse on 500k you certainly might not get. Lets just say Im glad you don’t run the team.

          • There is no way he would have won. He had a terrible year. I never even heard 8 million. Just 7 million.

          • What are you talking about?

            Bruce Levine’s first story on the White Sox payroll:

            The future of closer Bobby Jenks will be a key component to offseason additions. After earning over $5 million in 2009, Jenks’ automatic number if he goes to arbitration will be between $7 million-$8 million next season. That type of money may be too pricey for the White Sox as they put together the back end of the bullpen.”

            Arbitration is not based off of 1 year. Is this a serious post?

          • Yes it is. Is yours? He has been on the decline for the last few years. A neutral party would just look at the stats and show he was loosing his stuff. They would agree he does not deserve that much for the results he is getting.

          • Okee doke. Like the 30 saves and 2.63 era he posted in 08? These are the things arbitrators look at. I can’t believe I have a person claiming they “know” what one would do with a million difference. Its an easy business decision for the White Sox. I have no idea why that’s lost on you.

          • Did you watch him pitch this year, or last year? It used to be he was getting 1,2,3 outs. now he’s not. He lost his velocity, and control. He’s not in shape. Those are also things arbitrators look at. They would also lookup the 1.08+ ERA the home run jump. In todays economy a million goes alot farther then it used to, especially with the lack of payroll flexibility the Sox have.

          • Arbitrators don’t look at what kind of shape he’s in or lost velocity. You don’t understand arbitration at all. Jenks had 2 good “show” years before this year. Last year wasn’t even that bad glossy stat wise. The economy has zero to do with arbitration its previous contracts.

            Look if you don’t THINK he will be worth the money, fine. I’d agree with you, but that is a totally different argument.

            And his velocity was UP last year. The highest its been in 3 years. (Witness his increasing k rate.)

          • if you agree with me he was not worth the money then why did you argue with me?

          • Because what an arbitrator awards and what I think a player lives up to is totally different. You presented it like the White Sox had a choice. They don’t. As I said at the beginning. Its call arbitration. Jenks was just as likely to receive 8 million as 7. No reason to fight over it. Teams really hate going unless they really have to.

      • thebigdog 5 years ago

        That does seem like a lot of money for a guy who could very well end up being the 7th inning guy if Putz comes back strong. Maybe they are planning to package him for a left handed hitter.

  7. striker 5 years ago

    Jenks is a stud who had a down year. All you haters wait and see.

    • I hope your right, but I doubt it.

    • bjsguess 5 years ago

      2007: 0.89
      2008: 1.10
      2009: 1.28

      2007: 6.2
      2008: 7.4
      2009: 8.8

      2007: 0.3
      2008: 0.4
      2009: 1.5

      2007: 2.56
      2008: 3.41
      2009: 4.47

      If you are seeing something in those numbers please let me know. The only thing that Jenks did better at in 09 was his K rate jumped back up to a respectable level. In every other major category (Hits, BB’s, HR’s, etc) he has regressed for 2 straight years. I don’t see how you are expecting him to return to 2007 form. Unfortunately, gut feelings don’t count for much.

      • Ouch. I don’t like looking at those. If they say anything, it’s that he’s falling off a very steep mountain, and by this time next year will be the highest-paid middle reliever in baseball.

        • nicarelli58 5 years ago

          And I would still rather have Jenks and his contract, than Linebrink and his. And at least Jenks is in for one year at a time, and young enough to not be limited physically, other that what he does to himself at the dinner table. Linebrink is in thru 2011, yet is circling the drain as we speak.

        • baseball52 5 years ago

          Correction. 2nd highest paid. Carlos Silva being the first.

      • striker 5 years ago

        2007: 65
        2008: 61.2
        2009: 53.1

        2007: 45
        2008: 51
        2009: 52

        2007: 20
        2008: 18
        2009: 22

        Sure those are declining numbers but they aren’t horrible. Had Jenks not gotten injured he could have very well pitched 6 more innings in 2009 all scoreless, then his ERA would have been 3.30. I think Averaged stats like ERA, FIP and even WHIP don’t treat pitchers well. You have to look more at their actual outings.

        In 2009, here is what Jenks did in his 52 games:
        0 ER: 37
        1 ER: 8
        2 ER: 6
        > 2 ER: 0

        So he NEVER gave up more than 2ER. 71% of the time he gave up 0ER. Those don’t look like numbers of a sucky pitcher to me. If a reliever pitches 60innings each year then each earn run add .15 to their ERA. If a starter pitches 200 innings each year then each earn run adds .045 to their ERA. Relievers have alot smaller margin of error.

        • striker 5 years ago

          So the difference between a pitcher with a 3.00 era and 4.00 era is 6ER, which if you look at their game log could have been 1 bad 6ER outing and every other outing exactly the same.

          • This brings me back to baseball needing a stat that determines how many outings a reliever has that they didn’t give up any earned runs in.

            SOP: Shutout Inning Percentage. Should be a real stat, it would be really useful in determining how consistent a reliever is.

  8. nicarelli58 5 years ago

    We have to get rid of somebody in order to add a LH bat. We are at the 25 man limit with 12 pitchers and 13 position players, NOT including Nix, Viciedo, or Flowers. I think the one to get rid of is Linebrink. He faded BAD last year and will probably get worse. You can probably get an Overbay for him just to save Toronto the $2.5M ($7.5M Overbay less $5M Linebrink). Or, trade him for minor leaguers and sign Branyan or Delgado or even Thome, but SOMEBODY!!!

    • robbf 5 years ago

      13? without Nix,Viciedo, or Flowers? Pierre,Rios,Quentin,Teahen,Ramirez,Beckham,Konerko,AJ,Jones,Vizquel,Kotsay,Castro
      Who am I missing?

      • nicarelli58 5 years ago

        Lillibridge, although I really meant to count him out, and Nix in.

  9. robbf 5 years ago

    Not Thome!!! I’ll take Dye back before Thome…Dye can at least play the field and can still run circles around Thome…Thome…great guy, great career, lefty bat(over rated),high OBP(can’t run or bunt)…blah,blah,blah… If they could move Linebrink and/or Jenks that would free up the cash to bring Damon in to DH! And I just can’t stand the thought of Teahen starting at third, what the hell was Kenny thinking?

    • nicarelli58 5 years ago

      I love Kenny, but I don’t get the Teahen thing, either. My only solice is hearing my KC friends speak fondly of him, anticipating the kind of upside that many of us were looking for in Getz. But as long as we are stuck with him, I would rather see him in RF, DH CQ, and get some real pop at 3B. And I gotta disagree about the LH/RH thing. Though not everyone, lots of guys are vastly different one side to the other.

      • SouthSideSweepers 5 years ago

        Teahan trade makes sense given Getz injury history. The last thing the Sox need is another Joe Crede. A fan favorite that couldn’t contribute due to injury hurts the organization on numerous levels. Also it gives Ozzie a versatile player and you know Ozzie loves that.

      • thebigdog 5 years ago

        It’s quite simple. Rios cost the Sox Figgins and Teahen (while a nice player) is a distant plan B.

        I really hope that not having Brandon Allen available in a package isn’t what ends up costing the Sox a deal for Adrian Gonzalez

        • lolpods 5 years ago

          id rather have rios, really. the last thing i think anyone would want the sox to do is paying a 37-38 year old figgins 9-10+ million in a season.

  10. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    man whitesox fans love to argue :] i can see why ozzie guillen loves this team so much.

  11. bigsoxfan 5 years ago

    After they sign Danks and Pena the Sox payroll will be right around 100 million. I would love for them to offer Johnny Damon a one year deal for 5-6 million and have him be our DH. You can bat him second after Pierre (so you have very good speed at the top of your order) and never let him see the outfield at all since his defense is below average. When facing tough lefties you can always sit Pierre and/or Damon and play A. Jones/Nix/Vizquel. Also, after this year I would assume the Sox will clear some salary by leting Konerko go via free agency, doing the same with AJ and probably Jenks. We have some good, young bats coming up in Flowers, Jordan Danks, Viciedo and Mitchell to take their spots.

    • Why would you want Damon on your team?? For all the offense he may produce, he gives it right back with his terrible range and throwing arm on defense.

      • GDane 5 years ago

        You must have missed the part where he said “never let him see the outfield at all since his defense is below average.”

      • Gorski 5 years ago

        “DH” Brian M “DH”

      • bigsoxfan 5 years ago

        I wrote that I only wanted him as our DH, not to play the field at all. I agree with you that his defense is subpar.

    • coldgoldenfalstaff 5 years ago

      The Sox are over 100 million. The closest estimate right now (before Danks and Pena’s potential arb) is 103-104 million.

      Damon isn’t coming here, and I very much doubt he gets 4M unless the Yankees have a change of heart.

      Right now Kotsay/Jones is the 2-headed DH, with other players rotating in. If Jones doesn’t make the team or if they have trouble getting production, then Kenny will address it.

      I also doubt the Sox go younger the next few years as they have a 2-3 year window with the pitching rotation with Peavy and Buerhle. The kids won’t make the team unless they earn a spot…

    • coldgoldenfalstaff 5 years ago

      The Sox are over 100 million. The closest estimate right now (before Danks and Pena’s potential arb) is 103-104 million.

      Damon isn’t coming here, and I very much doubt he gets 4M unless the Yankees have a change of heart.

      Right now Kotsay/Jones is the 2-headed DH, with other players rotating in. If Jones doesn’t make the team or if they have trouble getting production, then Kenny will address it.

      I also doubt the Sox go younger the next few years as they have a 2-3 year window with the pitching rotation with Peavy and Buerhle. The kids won’t make the team unless they earn a spot…

  12. billmelton 5 years ago

    There are a number of things I’m going to look at closely when the Sox go into Spring Training:

    1. Is Bobby Jenks in decent physical shape? Much of his problems in 2009, I believe, stem from his awful physical condition. If he comes to camp without much change,not only will it foreshadow a long season for him, but would evidence his unwillingness to make an effort, despite KW’s and Ozzie’s comments. If he thinks Ozzie and Kenny were dogging him before,wait till he starts to blow saves in 2010, which I think will happen if he doesn’t shape up.

    2. How will the likes of Jordan Danks, Viciedo, Flowers and Mitchell look like this spring? My thoughts are that all four will start off in the minors at the beginning of the year. maybe Flowers and Danks may be brought up later on, but I think that KW doesn’t want to do this(as evidenced by the Ramon Castro re-signing).

    3. Q and Rios-their performance will, I believe, be the most critical question of all. KW and Ozzie are really banking on both rebounding this year. If we start seeing early injuries and/or slumping from these two- KW will start shopping. If these two perform as expected, I think you will see the rotating DH tactic as advertised.

    • nugg1785 5 years ago

      I agree with all 3 of your point Beltn Bill!!!!

  13. nugg1785 5 years ago

    I like Jenks as our closer……I truly believe that he will be very productive and I would venture to say that a lot of teams would rather have Bobby as thier 9th inning guy then the noodle arms some teams throw out there for the save. On top of that, having Thornton as an upcomer closer and Putz may just light a small fire under Bobby for him to compete and not become complacent. A motivated Bobby is a good Bobby!!

    GO GO SOX!!!!

    • lolpods 5 years ago

      i reallly think a lot of what went wrong with bobby is trying to have too many pitches in his arsenal. i don’t have stats to prove it, but i’m willing to bet the reason his walk rate has gone up is because he started going to the sinker/cutter more often. also he almost never uses the devastating 12 to 6 curve he had, using more of a hard slider, though maybe he just can’t throw it like he used to in 2005 and 06.

      whatever the case, if he lowers his walk rate, he may live up to his salary. or at least increase his trade value.

      • nugg1785 5 years ago

        You maybe onto something there, when he came on the scene he was a 2 pitch pitcher…overpowering fastball at 98+ and a 12-6 curve…..then he decided to take some velocity off the fastball and add the slider/cutter and occasional changeup….I think this has been both good and bad….good that he probably saved his arm from blowing up. HOw many times have we seen some POWER ARMS fall off….Zumaya comes to mind…Lindstrom as well. Bobby wanted to be more diverse….which has led to higher walk rate and getting into some binds…..I still like what he brings to the table though.

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