Hank Blalock Looking For Work

Hank Blalock, Carlos Delgado, and Russell Branyan comprise the remaining free agent market for potential starting first baseman/designated hitters.  Let's review all three, starting with Blalock.

Blalock, 29, is represented by Scott Boras.  He hit .234/.277/.459 in 495 plate appearances for the Rangers last year.  It was his first healthy season since '06, but he posted the lowest batting average and on-base percentage of his career. 

Blalock came up as a third baseman, but played only nine innings there in '09.  He logged 567.6 innings at first base, spending the rest of his time as a designated hitter.  In recent years Blalock had a rib removed due to thoracic outlet syndrome and also had shoulder and wrist surgeries.  The Indians are the only known Blalock suitor, as the Orioles, Braves, and Pirates have gone in different directions.